Doubling Down on Deceit

When self-delusion and deceit are all that’s left to a man after he’s been proven over and again to be a stubbornly persistent liar for whom a peculiar and self-destructive obsession has failed to destroy the object of his scorn, all that remains left for him to do is continue repeating the same lies over and over in the hope that somewhere, somehow, they stick. Thus the modus operandi of Rob Eichmann and the zoo crews at CNJ and CWA.

Eichmann’s determination to destroy the Bayshore Tea Party has thus far succeeded only in generating an outpouring of support for the group along with a sizable increase in donations to their cause. At the same time, the credibility and status of CNJ has diminished with each passing day even as the popularity of my own blog continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

First, they tried to argue that Dick LaRossa wasn’t a liberal, when he has a voting record that clearly shows that he was among the most liberal Republicans in the State Senate.

I don’t recall ever making such an argument nor do I recall Barbara Gonzalez or the Bayshore Tea Party ever making such an argument.

Then, they tried every desperate way they could, to say that inviting a Socialist Party USA candidate to present his platform to Bayshore’s membership was an appropriate action for a “conservative” group to take.

The Bayshore Tea Party invited a teenage socialist candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder to a membership meeting to present his platform and accept questions from the audience, at which point he was schooled in the stupidity and futility of socialism. The videos taken at the meeting are here.  The analysis is here. David Horowitz’ endorsement of Bayshore’s decision to engage the young socialist is here. All of this has been explained to Rob repeatedly but he has chosen to ignore it;

Then, they tried to shut down criticism of their Socialist by using threats and intimidation (“deadly serious… consequences will be nasty”) against elected officials, conservative organizations, and conservative leaders like Steve Lonegan.

Let’s clear up this little misunderstanding here and now. On July 29 I sent an e-mail to Mike Doherty that contained the following statement:

The longer CNJ continues its jihad against Bayshore, the louder I will become. And please don’t be lulled into thinking this is some sort of schoolyard spat. It’s deadly serious and if it isn’t stopped now, the consequences will be nasty on several levels.

I suggested to Mr. Doherty that he apply more pressure to Eichmann and CNJ and assured him that I would not let the issue fade away. I reminded him that this was no trifling matter but a “deadly serious” one that could engender “nasty” consequences. I suppose I could have enumerated them in the body of my e-mail, but I figured they were self-evident.

In any case, for those who have difficulty ascertaining the self-evident with appreciable clarity, here are some of the nasty consequences:

  1. A deepening of the rancor that currently exists between the antagonists and the Bayshore group;
  2. The direct or indirect involvement of the Conservative Leadership Caucus in this controversy;
  3. A serious rift and possible schism in both the Tea Party movement and the conservative movement in New Jersey;
  4. Considerable damage to the brand equity of Lonegan, Doherty and CLC itself as the result of a protracted battle of words that inevitably dredges up the kind of information best left buried in the past;
  5. Full-blown internecine conflict in conservative ranks that would effectively cripple it it as a force of opposition to liberals and Democrats in the state legislature, thereby ensuring a nearly clean sweep of Donks and RINOs in the 2011 and 2012 election cycles.

Any sensible person would agree that the present controversy is deadly serious in terms of the nasty consequential threat it presents to the unity and effectiveness of Movement Conservatism in New Jersey. The full e-mail exchange can be found here.

Then, they tried to argue that boycotting participation in AFP’s effort to lobby against more federal spending was appropriate.

False. The facts speak otherwise here. All of this has been explained to Rob repeatedly but he has chosen to ignore it and continue propagating the Big Lie.

Then, they tried to lie about their failure to lobby establishment Republicans to vote No on the debt ceiling.

As explained here, the territory covered by the Bayshore Tea Party encompasses districts represented by Frank Pallone and Rush Holt – both liberal Democrats. As for the other districts in New Jersey: are they not the responsibility of the Tea Parties located therein? Or does the BTPG owe Steve Lonegan an apology for not kow-towing to his battle plan? Lonegan needs to let go of the delusion that the Tea Parties in New Jersey are his own political shock troops. All of this has been explained to Rob repeatedly but he has chosen to ignore it;

Now they want to sell us on the idea that liberal Daniel Patrick Moynihan was really a conservative and that the tea party should “long” to get back to the kind of policies he promoted.

No one ever characterized Moynihan as a conservative in the Reaganite sense and Falzon never said that “the Tea Party should “long” to get back to the kind of policies he promoted.” Here is what Falzon actually said:

I know that there are many other tea party Democrats out there, and we long for the days of a John Kennedy, a Daniel Patrick Moynihan – people now that would be considered right wing extremists by the current crop of DNC leadership.

Falzon is a conservative Democrat and the “we” refers to fellow conservative Democrats. Moynihan was certainly no conservative by today’s conservative standards. However, by the standards of the present day Democrat Party, Moynihan – despite his decidedly liberal inclinations – would indeed be regarded at the very least with suspicion by his fellow Democrats.

Let’s not forget that this was the same liberal Moynihan who authored the so-called “Moynihan Report” that years later was praised by Dr. Walter E. Williams (look it up, Robbi). He was an ardent anti-communist and, as Ambassador to the UN, an unflagging supporter of Israel: in 1975 he condemned the UN resolution equating Zionism with racism. His remarkably prescient 1993 article titled “Defining Deviancy Down,” has become classic reading among conservative thinkers. No less a conservative than political analyst Michael Barone described Daniel Patrick Moynihan as “…the nation’s best thinker among politicians since Lincoln and its best politician among thinkers since Jefferson.”

Moynihan was a man of integrity – a characteristic utterly foreign to the likes of Eichmann, who is doing yeoman’s work carrying water for Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. Perhaps CNJ can include the Teamsters’ website on their blogroll; they have so much in common when it comes to trashing the Tea Party movement.

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6 Responses to Doubling Down on Deceit

  1. HeleneH says:

    CNJ/CWA/Lonegan/Hoffa I don’t see any difference here.

  2. dloosend says:

    Hoffa has a job!!

  3. owleyepundit says:

    Politicians must understand that TEA Party groups are loyal to principles, not people. We may be their allies at times, but it will be because they are OUR allies, and not because we are their loyalists.