Don’t Be Fooled By the Hawkeye Cauci

It sure looks like Crazy Uncle Ron is taking the Hawkeye State by storm, doesn’t it? Recent polls have Dr. Paul surging into the lead and the casual observer is left to conclude that his message of hardcore Constitutionalism at home and a suicidal isolationism abroad has become the new Macarena craze for the 2012 election. At least, that’s the lay of the land from a high altitude perspective.

Down on the ground, however, the perspective changes as we gain a better understanding and appreciation of what’s actually going on in the ever-evolving Iowa Caucuses.

Fortunately, we have a sherpa for this trek in the person of AmSpec columnist Jeffrey Lord:

There is a reason Ron Paul is doing well in Iowa (as seen in this recent story.)

And yes, it is directly related to the fact that Iowa is a caucus state rather than a primary state, where the organizational skills of a candidate with a small core of passionate supporters can make more of a difference.

But there is a second, hardly discussed factor at work in Iowa politics: Iowa is a state that has historically produced or supported political leaders whose left-wing foreign policy sentiments were somewhere in the same cornfield’s as Ron Paul.

It’s a revealing peek inside the collective mind of the Iowa electorate, from the ranks of which emerged Henry Wallace in the early 20th century.

In short, as with Ron Paul today and as Paul demonstrated afresh in the latest Fox debate, Wallace believed that the cause of America’s difficulties was — America. It was America provoking the Russians to their behavior, not some messianic Communist urge to take over the world that was the real problem. The spreading Soviet presence in Europe and elsewhere be damned.

WALLACE’S BELIEF, OF COURSE, is now precisely the core philosophy of Ron Paul and his allies, although today it is applied to America’s struggle with Islamic fundamentalists. It was also the philosophy behind a Paul mentor, Murray Rothbard. Rothbard, a conservative with William F. Buckley Jr. and the rest at the beginning of the modern conservative movement, also believed with Wallace that the Cold War was America’s fault. Rothbard’s real philosophical alliance would eventually reveal itself in later years as he split with Buckley. Rothbard went on instead to ally himself with the leftist inclinations of the Students for a Democratic Society — the infamous SDS that birthed Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Jane Fonda’s radical husband Tom Hayden. In addition to Rothbard, Paul is a big fan of the leftist intellectual and progressive writer Randolph Bourne, whom he cites favorably in his book The Revolution: A Manifesto. It is Bourne who inspires both Paul and his followers to frequently quote Bourne’s far left “wisdom” that “war is the health of the state.”

I’m not entirely sure that the Iowa electorate has swallowed the Wallace Perspective hook, line and sinker but I wouldn’t discount his influence, either. I’m inclined to believe that Dr. Paul’s recent surge is the fruit of the unflagging efforts of his legions of tireless Paulbot supporters – for whom Paul appears to be less a preferred candidate than the charismatic leader of a political cult.

Whatever the case, I wouldn’t place much stock in the outcome of the Hawkeye Cauci except to say that if Dr. Paul wins it, the victory will accrue to Mitt Romney’s favor by pitting Der Mittmeister against a bona fide kook – forcing an already waning Newt Gingrich to the sidelines as Romney goes on to triumph in New Hampshire.

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7 Responses to Don’t Be Fooled By the Hawkeye Cauci

  1. Barb says:

    I absolutely agree with you on this one Bulldog. Romney is coming! Romney is coming!
    Come on people…fight to convince Sarah…fight for Santorum or Bachmann. Fight!!

    • josephine says:

      You might think about visiting Paul

    • support the troops says:

      this is why your tea party is floundering and the real Tea Party, Ron Paul’s tea party (started in 2007 cough cough) just raised 4million dollars in three days last week. When you return to the roots of the tea party, you will again find support from people

  2. josephine says:

    Thank you Bulldog. I was not sure what was going on out there. I thought a bunch of Dems had infiltrated the polls. We may still see a Gingrich win, though. Maybe those whackos are cheap and won’t pay to vote. Do they pay to vote? From the sound of it, it seems that they hold seances. I am glad I live in the south.
    I am a Newt person. I want to say a few things to those who may feel that he has sinned against everything they hold dear. No one really knows what goes on in another’s life. They may think they do, but they are self referencing. I am divorced too. From the outside, it looked to be my problem,I was the one who ran, but it wasn’t just my problem. By a long shot.
    On the political scene Newt worked one on one with Reagan to develop policies that would help our country and our people. Notice I said people, not workers. I’m old enough to have known Khruchev first hand, although I may not be able to spell it.
    In the 90′s Newt began to be a powerful force for liberty and the free market. There were jealousies building and there were many that couldn’t stand his arrogance that he carried at the time. I knew him from a short distance. he was a powerful presence.
    He balanced the budget 4 times with a Dem President and a slick one at that, and with a Dem Congress. He is a miracle worker in that department.isn’t that what we’re looking for?
    The establishment is after him now. The reason is plain to see. His no nonsense ways will stifle their spending habits, get rid of a lot of their power and he will be for the “People” of this nation. I wish we could dump all the public school history books and get that straightened out-that is my idea,not his. Although he asks for education ideas on his website. Go on, give him a suggestion. He is not a yes man at all. He is courageous. And he is now a believer in Jesus Christ. For those who do not understand the meaning of this last statement, the Holy Spirit is with him. He will do what’s right or he will denounce his religion and wind up in Hell. he believes in Christ now, in a real and true way and I can tell it. Look at the way he runs his campaign. Go to his website-read his solutions. Then go to Romney’s-there’s no comparison. Then go to Obama’s(you have to pretend to be a Dem) and read his “ISSUES” And some think Newt can’t beat that. Well y’all must be stuck in the woods somewhere. Come out and join us as we run all over this character Obama. Send Romney back to New Hampshire and help pick Newt’s Cabinet. Watch the free market grow and watch the Congress grow up.Merry Christmas to everybody in the world.

  3. support the troops says:

    totally. Iowa doesn’t really matter

    Your previous article makes a great point about how little Iowa matters. Mind you, it was back in the glory days of the Cain Train when he was making all that sense.

    And check out this poll
    ISU/Gazette/KCRG Iowa Poll:

    Paul 27.5% +7.1
    Gingrich 25.3% +20.5
    Romney 17.5% +1.2
    Perry 11.2% +3.3
    Bachmann 7.4% -0.4
    Santorum 4.9% 0.0
    Cain 0.4% -25
    Huntsman 0.3% 0.0

    It probably has something to do with how this is a caucus state and those liberal Iowans don’t like wasting trillions of dollars building bridges overseas while ours here at home are crumbling. They’re probably also sick of wasting thousands of American lives overseas in unwinable and never ending wars. They probably also have a lot of active duty servicemen and women who overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. Yeah, those idiots in Iowa don’t have a clue.

  4. Dana Pearson says:

    Character counts.

    Finally the MSM is covering Paul’s racist newsletter from the early nineties. Paul’s tirade on Leno shows that he is not anything approaching presidential material, Cain either had no character or could not stand the heat. Callista and Newt should get off the campaign trail and use up more of their revoving account at Tiffany’s. Huntsman is a social liberal.

    As far as I can tell the following four candidates have good character: Bachman, Perry, Romney and Santorum.

    I’m going for Bachman all the way — as she ticks off the MSM the most.