Demotivational Poster #2 for the Tea Party Movement

WOO HOO! The demotivational posters I ordered from Jacobin-Hoffa, Ltd. finally arrived. Take THAT, you teabagging sonofabitches!

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One Response to Demotivational Poster #2 for the Tea Party Movement

  1. CJ FREEDOM says:

    You can caulk this up as a humorous comparison of what Hoffa & Co. would post in their offices…..but you’re the only one postings this. It is offensive, it is absolutely not funny and at best, you are planting seeds for the opposition. If you care about the sfety of your friends and supporters….you will stop this little ridiculous series and move towards something that can be a positive reflection on the Tea Parties. That’s my opinion….and I’m sticking with it. God forbid some left wing, progressive, anarchist thug decides to take these posters seriously…..have you given that any thought? Watch your backs fellow Patriots……I’m not quite sure who’spushing the knife in.