Dancing the Dimwit Two-Step

There are those rare occasions in the course of arguing with a dimwit that the frustration experienced by those of us who dwell in empirical reality occasionally gives way to a snicker, then a giggle, then full-out hilarity. Trouble is, I’m left wondering who’s doing all the laughing: me or the Dunce Cap Brigade over at the Cadre of Neo-Jacobins? Is it possible they are perpetrating the most sophisticated, well-planned and perfectly executed joke-hoax since George Hull introduced New York State to the the Cardiff Giant in 1869?

Is it possible (gasp!) they have actually outwitted the Bulldog by pretending to be a gaggle of histrionic, Know-Nothing ninnies when, in fact, they were simply perpetrating a web-traffic generation scheme?

I’m beginning to wonder, my friends. No, not about the sophisticated hoax part: on a good day with plenty of medication and therapeutic support, the Cadre of Neo-Jacobins would count itself plenty fortunate to muster a collective IQ in the low triple digits. They really do believe what they posting over there even if Everyone’s Favorite Dick (EFD) may or may not. It’s worth noting that we haven’t heard from him for a while regarding the Young Socialist and his brief visit with the Bayshore Tea Party. Instead, Boy Blunder and Wee Willy Winky have been making the rounds, reflexively regurgitating hackneyed talking points over and over – in spite of repeated and very detailed refutation.

Boy Blunder’s latest excursion into witless hilarity contains the usual howlers:

There is a Tea Party group in New Jersey that thinks giving a socialist a platform to speak is somehow positive for the goals and ideals they are seeking.  They are aided by a pretend blog, that it appears they fund, and will say anything to portend (sic) that they are relevant.  Isn’t it time to stop trying to defend what is essentially indefensible, and certainly in no way conservative?

You wound me to the quick, Robbo.

The group in question, and their apologist,  in their latest attempt to justify providing an avowed socialist a platform, point to the socialists’ age.  As if that matters.

It does matter. He’s a confused kid who may or may not one day awaken from his dogmatic slumber. If a civil conversation of two hours’ duration succeeds in planting just a single seed of doubt that blooms into the eventual rejection of socialism and the embrace of the American way, it will have been worth enduring all of your Know-Nothing ranting, paranoid fantasizing and inexcusable character assassination. For all they know, the Bayshore folks may have been the catalyst – however remote – that triggers a conservative metanoia and the emergence of this generation’s David Horowitz. Unfortunately, Robbo and the Know-Nothing rabble lack the emotional and ideological maturity to grasp so subtle a concept and would rather simply burn the witch.

Thus Godless Eddie’s recent comment in defense of Boy Blunder – a short but very revealing piece so heavily dosed with unintentional irony that it almost (but not quite) merits a full article response:

All of you people who demand tolerance of Bayshore need to read your own writings and have tolerance for [Boy Blunder]. If Bayshore is entitled to invite who they want to their meetings, socialist or otherwise, [Robbo] is entitled to express his views on this site.

If you really don’t like the lack of civility, then stop contributing to it. If it’s ok for Bayshore to disagree with [Cadre of New Jacobins], then it is just as ok for [Cadre of Neo Jacobins] to disagree with Bayshore.

Stop trying to intimidate your critics and start trying to persuade them. You know, the way you say you seek to persuade socialists. If you showed [Boy Blunder] half the civility you have shown to a socialist – not to mention the RINO population of this state – there would be no war of words, only polite disagreement.

It’s time to practice what you preach – or stop preaching it.

He actually wrote this, ladies and gentlemen. With a straight face. And he meant every word of it. I double-checked twice to see if I missed the sarcasm tag.

Then I laughed. And laughed. In the immortal words of a recent commenter, I laughed until my dick zuendted.

Can a conservative or conservative group be taken seriously while at the same time defending a socialist?

Can a so-called “conservative website” be taken seriously when its principals play fast and loose with facts and logic? Can it be trusted when it slanders, libels and defames a stalwart Tea Party whose conservative credentials are beyond dispute? Does it have any ground to stand on when it accuses others of doing what it is blatantly guilty of doing?

I refer the reader to a recent article of mine where I call out Robbo and his band of merry Jacobins: For the past 11 days, this comment has remained on their site as a platform for the socialist to defend himself, complete with a link to his website.

The Bayshore Tea Party gave Pat Noble a mere two hours of their time. The Cadre of Neo-Jacobins has given the young socialist nearly two weeks – and still counting – of solid exposure. I wonder how much web traffic Boy Blunder has driven to the socialist site.

Not that it matters to EFD: he’s salivating for an Alexa ranking better than the one that existed when I left that site and is closing on on his heart’s one true desire. Rather a shame it took seven months, a slew of contributors and a truckload of lies, innuendo, insinuation and defamation to get close. Even then, it took a lot of help from yours truly – in my willingness to link to his fever swamp – to haul his sorry ass close to the finish line.

Good grief, can EFD do nothing positive without my golden touch? I guess you can say it’s totally EFD-up.

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2 Responses to Dancing the Dimwit Two-Step

  1. dloosend says:

    Whoever Alexa is, why would she want EFD anywhere near her??
    Imagine, people in a Tea Party not always preaching to the choir
    and allowing a free exchange of ideas—off with their heads!!

    • Kenny says:

      Alexa is a way to determine how relevant your web site is. The more viewers your web site gets, the better your Alexa numbers will be. Reminds me of the Neilsen ratings. I have a strong feeling that one day soon, The Bull Dog site will have better Alexa ratings than CNJ.