CNJ’s “Muhammed Video” Legacy Continues

It was, admittedly, with some ironic pleasure that I happened across a recent discharge from the Know-Nothing Jacobin cloaca that passes for the portal to true conservatism in the Garden State. I’m referring, of course, to a recent rant posted at Conservative New Jersey by Rob Eichmann – the ever-entertaining answer to the question “Does the NJGOP actually retain its own court jester?”

This installment has Rockin’ Robbo lamenting the fact that avowed socialist Pat Noble somehow managed to get himself elected to a local school board:

The Red Bank Regional High School District elected 19 year old Socialist Pat Noble to their school board.  This is notable because this candidate was promoted by a “conservative tea party” group in New Jersey as a “fine young man too young to do any harm.”  At the time, CNJ argued vehemently that no conservative group should ever give a platform to a socialist.

What is notable about Robbo’s predictable logorrhea is that it’s a bald-faced lie: at no point in time did the Bayshore Tea Party EVER promote Pat Noble as a candidate for office and it is regrettable that Robbo continues the egregiously dishonest practice of quoting his adversaries without ever providing the reader with a hyperlink to the source – a bit of business that gives him leeway to make stuff up as he goes along.

Truth be told, the only person Rob Eichmann has to thank for Pat Noble’s election to the Red Bank Regional High school board is Rob Eichmann – who ought to feel free to share that particular spotlight with Barack Hussein Obama. More of that later.

This tempest in a Tea Party pot had its genesis early last year when the Bayshore Tea Party Group invited a teenage socialist to one of their membership meetings on Tuesday, April 26. Three days later, BTPG founder Barbara Gonzalez discussed the meeting on her blog, after which there is no subsequent mention of the encounter on the Bayshore website. An examination of the young socialist’s site likewise reveals no mention of the meeting after it occurred.

I did manage to locate three short video clips of  what transpired on the fateful day when socialism came a knockin’ on the doors of the Bayshore Tea Party. For all intents and purposes, it was the functional equivalent of ships passing in the night and the matter was soon forgotten in favor of more pressing business.

Then along came a spider in the guise of CNJ’s Rob Eichmann, who happened to stumble upon Barb’s April 29 post while digging for dirt to include in an attack article he posted on June 28 titled “What Are They Thinking?” in which he briefly mentioned that the BTPG “… invited a Socialist candidate (yes, a real Socialist) to speak before the tea party group.

I defended Bayshore and was supported by no less a conservative luminary and expert on socialism than David Horowitz (who Eichmann idiotically labeled a Neocon) defended BTPG’s decision to invite a socialist to speak, the thoughtful observer is left pondering just how deeply CNJ is committed to opposing the scourge of socialism – particularly in light of what transpired on July 20 when the young socialist himself posted the following comment:

As of November 27, 2012, Noble’s comment still appears on CNJ and the hyperlink under his name is still active and will take the reader directly to the campaign website.

Naturally, a few questions arise: Why did CNJ tolerate in their midst a socialist who they claim regards a Black Panther founder as his Ronald Reagan? Why did they permit him a platform defend himself? How many unwary visitors to CNJ have clicked on Noble’s link and visited his site? The Bayshore Tea Party website contained not a single link anywhere to a socialist website and yet CNJ offered a prominently displayed portal to what they consider the bowels of Hell. Were the CNJ gang truly the anti-socialist crusaders they purport to be, they would have deleted the offending comment immediately and banned Pat Noble from the site. Yet they have not done so…for over a year. Hmm.

Did it ever occur to Rockin’ Robbo that his repeated tirades about an otherwise obscure two hour long appearance of a teenage socialist at a Tea Party meeting would only serve to draw attention to that which he claims ought to be shunned?

Here is where the perspicacious reader will spot the connection between CNJ and the Obama administration by way of the September 11 debacle in Benghazi: despite the fact that the terrorist attack on the diplomatic mission in Libya was observed in the White House Situation Room as it happened in real time and the CIA knew almost immediately that Al Qaida was involved, the official position of the administration was that the attack occurred as the result of a spontaneous demonstration triggered by an anti-Mohammed video posted on Youtube several months earlier. Over the course of several weeks, the administration repeatedly laid the blame for the Benghazi attack at the feet of an obscure California man who created the video and in so doing gave it the publicity it did not deserve, triggering actual riots in Pakistan that otherwise would never have occurred. On the day of the attack, “Innocence of Muslims” received only a couple of hundred views. Today? A little over 5 million. Way to go, President Man-Child!

Ditto for CNJ Man-Child Rob Eichmann: by obsessing over Noble’s appearance before the Bayshore Group, Eichmann succeeded only in drawing considerable attention – including moral and financial support -  to Pat Noble and his political campaign. Had Eichmann not ginned the matter up into a huge controversy, Pat Noble’s appearance at the Bayshore Group along with his political career would have faded into oblivion. 

In the final analysis, Rob Eichmann has only himself to blame for Noble’s recent victory. Way to go, Rockin’ Robbo!

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