Cleanup Needed in the CNJ-Rob Eichmann Aisle

Trouble is, the present rate of Rob Eichmann’s mental defecation will soon require a 24/7 presence of a mop man in a hazmat suit. I find his latest foray into idiotic repetition to be particularly illuminating and ultimately a teachable moment – though not for Rob, for whom logic and factual data are minor speed bumps on the road to Cluelessville – a twee and precious little hamlet where the denizens do their damndest to tear down any and every Tea Party group they deem an offense to their Jacobin vision of conservatism and then wonder why recent polls appear to indicate that increasing numbers of Americans are taking an increasingly dim view of the nationwide Tea Party movement.

As it turns out, the causal connection is not as direct as the Boy Blunder imagines it to be. No surprise there: he and his cohorts are infamous for adding 1 + 2 + 3 and coming up with 17.

This past week has seen a myriad of polling from around the country showing that our country’s citizens do not want to continue down the road of Socialism that Barack Hussein Obama is taking us.  It also shows, somewhat disappointingly, that the “Tea Party” label has a negative connotation and is not looked upon favorably.

Here’s some more “disappointing” news for Rob: ever since it emerged early in 2009, the Tea Party movement has always been looked upon unfavorably by that portion of the electorate corresponding to the hardcore base of the Democrat Party – together with Drive-By media and the Beltway chattering class. The key question that Eichmann apparently never bothered to ask or discuss is: to what degree does the relentless bombardment of negative news and opinion about individual Tea Party groups and the Tea Party movement in general affect the perception of the general public that is not in the tank for Barack Obama? We’ll return to this momentarily.

Why then, do this poll and this poll, both released this week, show such high negatives for the conservative branded “Tea Party” movement?

Before Eichmann does his usual adolescent fandango, kindly spend a few moments with Bulldog for an informed, intelligent and adult analysis.

The first poll he cited is a Gallup poll taken of adults – not likely voters or even registered voters. It’s common knowledge to pretty much everyone (except, perhaps, our dear Robbi) that a poll so promiscuous in its demographic sampling has value only for those looking for the next sensational headline. Even then, the Detail Devil rises to bite Boy Blunder in the buttocks: he never bothered to avail himself of the methodology. You can see it for yourself here.

Go to the last page and take note of the second table on the page:

In spite of the decrease in favorables for the Tea Party movement between 2010 and 2011, the overall support for the Tea Party movement INCREASED over the course of one year.

Then there is the second poll referenced by Eichmann – a Scott Rasmussen poll. Rasmussen is famous for polling only those adults likely to vote, making his data far more meaningful. Unfortunately, Rob linked to a UPI article written about the Rasmussen poll and not the actual poll itself or the article describing the poll.. Had he done so, he would have spared himself the embarrassment I’m about to rain down on him yet again:

Several prominent Democrats and their media friends charged the Tea Party with being economic terrorists during the recent congressional debate over raising the debt ceiling for their refusal to accept any tax increases. But just 29% of voters think members of the Tea Party are economic terrorists.

More voters still think the average Tea Party member has a better handle on America’s problems than the average member of Congress does, but there’s a sharp difference of opinion between Democrats and Republicans.  Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Likely GOP Primary voters believe the Tea Party will help Republicans in the 2012 presidential election.

I’m sure that if I purchased Platinum Membership to Rasmussen’s site I’d be able to humiliate Eichmann further, but $200 per year is a sharp coin to pay for schadenfreude. In a nutshell, it’s the same partisan divide we’ve come to know and expect: the Right supports the Tea Party; the Left sees them as the epicenter of evil in the universe. The clueless center is being affected by all the negative publicity the Tea Party movement has been receiving lately. Given the pounding the  Tea Party movement has been taking lately from the unhinged Left, it isn’t hard to see why their poll numbers have been slipping.

Here in New jersey, there is perhaps a microcosm of what has happened.  The Bayshore Tea Party Group, once the state’s most active “tea party” has morphed itself into a cult that demands absolute loyalty to it’s leader, regardless of the mistakes she continues to make.  Welcoming in a Socialist Party USA candidate to spew his vile beliefs does nothing to further the conservative agenda.  Failing to disclose where the money the for profit group raises ends up, does nothing to further the conservative agenda.

Poor Rob Eichmann. His stupidity would be laughable were the fate of this republic not teetering on the precipice and the Tea Party movement an indispensable part of the battle to save it. Some clarification is called for and I’m here to provide it:

  • The Bayshore Tea Party is still very active and very involved in promoting Movement Conservatism to the citizens of New Jersey. This has been explained to Rob repeatedly but he has chosen to ignore it;
  • The Bayshore Tea Party is not a cult nor is absolute and unquestioning loyalty to Barbara Gonzalez required of its members. This has been explained to Rob repeatedly but he has chosen to ignore it and the fact that I have to address this absurd libel yet again makes me feel like I have to take a shower;
  • The Bayshore Tea Party invited a teenage socialist candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder to a membership meeting to present his platform and accept questions from the audience, at which point he was schooled in the stupidity and futility of socialism. The videos taken at the meeting are here.  The analysis is here. David Horowitz’ endorsement of Bayshore’s decision to engage the young socialist is here. All of this has been explained to Rob repeatedly but he has chosen to ignore it;
  • The Bayshore Tea Party organized as a simple, for-profit corporation in order to lay the groundwork for applying to become a 501 (c) 3 and 501 (c) 4 organization. This has been explained to Rob repeatedly here and here but he has chosen to ignore it;
  • According to the laws of the U.S. and the regulations of the IRS, the Bayshore Tea Party is presently under no legal obligation to make public its financial records. This has been explained to Rob repeatedly here but he has chosen to ignore it.

In his obsessive quest to destroy the Bayshore Tea Party, Rob Eichmann chooses to ignore a great many things – among these, facts and logic.

Electing lifelong democrats, to lead a conservative movement, whose party is lead by the likes of Carter, Kerry, Mondale, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, does nothing to promote the conservative agenda.  When that person goes on national TV and is identified as a “democrat” who has been “unemployed for 5 years” that does nothing to further the conservative agenda.

As usual, Rob’s poor education and sloppy thinking take center stage: in his Jacobin world there is no such creature as a conservative Democrat. I will be the first to admit they are rare these days, but they do exist and they channel the spirits of John F. Kennedy, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, and Zell Miller.

But Rob, alas, has no use for this sort of historical nuance: it tends to weaken the tar brush he employs to defame and libel the Bayshore Tea Party and, more recently, the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots.

 These problems in New Jersey are indeed a microcosm of what has happened to the “Tea Party” brand across the country.

Click here to watch the “unemployed for 5 years” “democrat” self described leader of the New Jersey Tea Party movement. It will help you understand the polling numbers.

What arrant nonsense. Truth be told, Rob Eichmann and his cohorts at Conservative New Jersey and Conservatives With Attitude have done more to trash the Tea Party movement in New Jersey than anything Democrats or Liberals could have done. CNJ and CWA have spared our statist adversaries the time, trouble and expense of digging up bogus dirt on the Tea Party movement in the Garden State and, instead, handed them that precious libel on a silver platter.

What makes all this so tragic is the fact that the assault on the Bayshore group – launched in February and sustained into the present – has been comprised of nothing more than insinuation, innuendo and outright falsehood. That much has been assiduously documented on the web pages of this site.

The supreme irony of the present situation? Thanks to Eichmann and his ilk, the young socialist candidate for Monmouth County freeholder has received more publicity than he could ever have dreamed of or paid for; thanks to the relentless torrent of libel and character assassination directed against the Bayshore group and other Tea Party organizations, the Democrats’ attack dossier has pretty much already been filled and their attack ads already written. If the Tea party movement has suffered as the result of these negative attacks, the Jacobins at Conservative New Jersey and Conservatives With Attitude have nobody but themselves to blame; they were  the ones who joined forces with the Unhinged Left and unleashed a campaign of personal destruction that would make the most rabidly partisan Democrat blush.

What remains to be seen is how the fallout of this insanity will affect the conservative moment in New Jersey – currently spearheaded by the troika of Steve Lonegan, Mike Doherty and Alison McHose. All three enjoy a steady stream of praise and encomiums from the aforementioned websites and yet none of them has come forward to condemn the libelous defamation of Bayshore and other Tea Party organizations – a decision that may haunt them politically in the near future.

As for Mark Falzon’s appearance on FoxNews: Unlike Eichmann, I bring news and information directly to my audience. Here is the video of Falzon’s interview.

He seemed a little stiff and nervous at first, but then seemed to relax. I find nothing in his comments or his comportment that detracts from or reflects in a negative manner the Tea Party movement. If anything, that he’s a Democrat only reinforces the fact that the movement crosses party lines – a fact (like most other relevant facts) that is lost on Jacobin party hacks like Eichmann.

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13 Responses to Cleanup Needed in the CNJ-Rob Eichmann Aisle

  1. dloosend says:

    Lonegan pulls the strings, and the puppets jump.
    l personally notify AFP of this trioka of henchmen whenever the opportunity arises. The only way to fight fire is with fire.

  2. Route 46 Overpass says:

    There is another article, “The Apologists History with Lonegan” (dated August 31), by Eichmann on Crybaby Nut Jobs (CNJ). That one makes some interesting claims, here is the first:

    “He [presumably Bull Dog Pundit] has been hired to write nonsensical attacks on her Cult’s behalf against every conservative legislator, organization, and blog in New Jersey.”

    This propaganda is classic Lonegan. Lie. Deflect legit questions about the conduct of a half dozen (mainly Eichmann and Lonegan) onto a much broader group (every conservative legislator, organization and blog in New Jersey). Respond to a legit defense with further attacks.

    How many lies can one Lonegan flunky fit into a single sentence?

    Firstly, there is no evidence that I know of that Bull Dog was hired to write anything. Lonegan’s flunky doesn’t offer any. I think it is a lie. If it is not, Eichmann should at least give a source for the accusation.

    Secondly, if Bull Dog has been hired to write nonsensical attacks, he is not doing a good job – because all the writing I have seen makes perfect sense, and comes under the heading of “defense” more than “attack”.

    Thirdly, Barbara Gonzalez has no cult. The Bayshore Tea Party Group, of which Barbara is a member, is a group much like any successful Tea Party. They make signs, protest bad government, hold classes on the Constitution and America’s Founding, have movie nights and other good healthy civic minded fun.

    Rather a cult is usually defined by a charismatic paranoid leader who brooks no opposition – Lonegan fits the cult leader profile better than Barbara Gonzalez ever will. Cult leaders are known for quashing any attempt at free speech or free association that threatens the cult leader.

    The only person associated with this controversy that recently, as a matter of law, has been found to violate free speech and free speech rights is – Steve Lonegan. On Friday, July 10, 2009 a Bergen County jury concluded (I think unanimously) that former Mayor Steve Lonegan and other Bogota Borough Council member violated the free speech and free association rights of a police officer. The jury awarded $15,000 to the plaintiff. They jury noted Lonegan’s colors, which seem to not be changing.

    Fourthly, Bull Dog is not writing against every conservative legislator, organization and blog in New Jersey. The number of conservative NJ legislator’s called to account on this blog are arguably two: Doherty and McHose – and I would say that Doherty and McHose have been treated very lightly, with kid gloves. It is Lonegan, Eichmann and Winkler that have been called to account. But it is classic Lonegan tactics to deflect legit inquiries onto others. This blog, as far as I know, has written against only two NJ conservative blogs: CWA and Crybaby Nut Jobs. Eichmann, Winkler and Lonegan should defend themselves rather than hiding behind the skirts of “every conservative organization.” Heck the ones writing against conservative organizations such as the Bayshore, Jersey Shore, Sussex and other NJ and other state based Tea Parties are CNJ and CWA.

    You would think that AFP wants to support the Tea Parties. The national leadership of AFP should look at what is going on in this state. They should seriously consider if Steve Lonegan is helping or hurting the NJ Tea Party movement, and if he is the best person to represent AFP in New Jersey.

  3. TeaPartyDem says:

    I heard CNJ was criticizing my Fox appearance. I say “heard” because I myself will not provide even one “internet hit” to their garbage dump. I would like to see if they have the ability to even provide a grammatically correct sentence, nonetheless make a valid point, in front of the cameras
    Funny how the main initiators of trouble in NJ, Eichmann, Winkler and Illions will not accept my challenge of a public debate. I even offered two of then against me, but I presume that wasn’t enough for them. Maybe if I agree to tie one hand behind my back……
    The villainous, deceitful, slanted garbage coming out of CNJ/CWA is being paid for by someone. Robo calls slandering Bayshore were recently done. Since Eichmann/Winkler are alleged political mercenaries, they are not the source, they are the beneficiary. Hence the deep pocket Lonegan connection. There is always the possibility this is a fully GOP funded campaign also. Neither scenario is good for NJ and the conservative movement but then again, why would CNJ/CWA care about that? Its all about the greenbacks, baby! It all boils down to very basic, human negative traits, greed and selfishness. Who is next to joint the relentless attacks against the Tea Party Movement, Judas? If so, I am confident he will find friends at CNJ/CWA.

    • HeleneH says:

      You did a great job on TV Mark.
      We can only count on ourselves to get the job done.
      The CNJ/CWA mad blogers only make themselves look foolish.

      • hehehe says:

        Great job Bulldog. Again.
        At some point your redundancy will no longer be required, as less irrational people will put a stop to their slanderous attacks.
        Let us pray…

        Rt 46 Overpass, whoever you are, thanks for sharing your insight into Steve “friend of the illegal immigrants” Lonegan as well as that cacophonic cauldron of cesspullian spittle known as CNJ. You have our collective thanks.

    • RoseAnn says:

      Great job, Mark. It’s no wonder they’re upset.

      As far as your debate challenge goes, I thought you might be interested in knowing that when Winkler came up to our Sussex meeting and began harassing us – meaning me in particular – Rich Matrisiciano interrupted and asked if Winkler would like to formally debate me after the meeting business had concluded. He agreed – at least until it was time to debate.

      When the meeting was concluding and Rich said we could begin the debate, Winkler ran out of the room (I believe to the men’s room) to return about 10 minutes later. Of course the meeting had officially closed down at that point. Winkler then continued to harrass me.

      • Route 46 Overpass says:

        “When the meeting was concluding and Rich said we could begin the debate, Winkler ran out of the room (I believe to the men’s room) to return about 10 minutes later. Of course the meeting had officially closed down at that point. Winkler then continued to harrass me.”

        Winkler is not interested in an honest debate. What he and Lonegan seem to be interested in is “winning”. According to elec nj data, Lonegan’s failed 2009 gubernatorial primary campaign wrote four checks totaling about $13,250 to Winkler’s New Hope, PA Base Line Research for “administration”.

        For these guys winning is not about being on the true side of a fair debate, it is about winning elections and propaganda. So if Lonegan or Winkler can feed a story to Paul Mulshine, who the Winkler crowd claims is the largest conservative blog in NJ, and Mulshine regurgitates it – well then Winkler and Lonegan “won”. Ends justifies the means garbage.

        If Winkler can get a slanted poll followed by robo calls which will cost $100,000 or more to counteract, well then Winkler and Lonegan “won” – as claimed by a post on the CWA site.

        I don’t for a minute believe that Lonegan has any principles ahead of more political power for himself.

        What is limited government? It’s the classical liberalism of Isaac Backus, who believed in separation of church and state. The earliest and most successful privatization program was the disestablishment of the state churches both in New England and in the Southern states. It is the “liberal” conservatism of Edmund Burke who preferred organic reforms over abstract ideas.

        Limited government is the classical liberalism of Andrew Jackson, who preferred egalitarian opportunity, free competition and personal liberty. Jackson opposed Nullification and was the hero of the 1832 Nullification Crisis. Jackson noted that “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purpose”. Wikipedia has this to say about Virginia Littell:

        “Littell has since worked as a business consultant, partnering in the firm of Brazer & Littell with Georgene Brazer, Republican municipal chairwoman of Tewksbury Township, New Jersey. In 2002, Intrawest Corporation, a client of Brazer & Littell, worked out a deal with the state of New Jersey to preserve land on Hamburg Mountain in Vernon Township, New Jersey near the Intrawest ski resort of Mountain Creek. The deal was brokered by Robert Littell, then chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, but the Littells denied any conflict of interest in the arrangement.”

        I hope this is not yet another case of the rich and powerful too often bending the acts of government to their selfish purpose. According to, Littell and her daughter McHose were two of nine on an NJCRLC membership list that also included Doherty, Eichmann, Lonegan and Winkler.

        Limited government is the conservatism of William McKinley, a reluctant foreign policy expansionist, who also believed in a tight money gold standard and laissez-faire .

        Limited government is not “what’s best for Lonegan is best for everybody.”

        Limited government is not one-part die-hard Southerner, neo confederate conservatism, one-part agrarianism and one-part authoritarian maximum leader right-wing fascism of Franco, Hitler and Mussolini.

        Limited government is not pro-nullification. The most effective proponent of nullification was the Unitarian Senator John C. Calhoun who declared on the US Senate floor in February of 1837 that slavery was a “positive good”. When Calhoun was not rooting his support for his slavery as a positive good in white supremacy and paternalism, he was forming a political party in South Carolina known as the Nullifier Party. In response the Congress passed the Force Bill, which empowered the President to use military power to force states to obey all federal laws. Surely, if the nullification issue was not resolved by Andrew Jackson in the Nullification Crisis of 1832, it was by the Republican President Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s.

        But the nullifiers (this time Southern Congressional opponents of the Brown v. Board of Education desegregation mandate) rose yet again in the middle of the last century. Fortunately, the nullifiers lost again. Given that the main pro-nullifiers were the pro-slavery John C. Calhoun and the pro-segregationist Southern congressmen of the last century, you would think Alison McHose would not want to touch the issue today. But no, in a column for the Tenth Amendment center, McHose ludicrously and disingenuously invokes one of her ancestors who died fighting for the cause of the Union aganst the Confederacy as a probable supporter of Nullification. The cause of the Union and the cause of Nullification are diametrically opposed.

        Limited government is not the kind of authoritarianism that thinks that Robert Littell who was elected to the NJ Assembly in 1968 and went on to be a career politician with nearly 40-years in office, should be able to pass down his seat as a family heirloom to his daughter for who knows how long. Please. Isn’t 43-years in office for one family enough? What happened to the citizen legislator?

        I am not surprised that the Lonegan’s 2009 campaign would write four large checks to Bill Winkler’s Base Line Research and I am not surprised that McHose would allow Bill Winkler to be a spokesman for her 2007 primary campaign. That is the mindset that is all about winning, Mussolini type rich and powerful bending the acts of government to their selfish purpose, dirty politics and not about fair debate. Does it surprise anyone that Winkler might run off to the men’s room rather than engage in fair debate?

    • Route 46 Overpass says:

      “Robo calls slandering Bayshore were recently done.”

      Obviously, Eichmann and Lonegan are not interested in a fair debate. Apparently, they are more interested in playing dirty politics. I’d like to know the rough content of these calls.

      These calls remind me of the slanted poll “NJCRLC” wrote about on the CWA site.

      How about a poll with this question?

      “Do you think it is a good idea for a conservative organization to have an Executive Director who violates the right to free association and the right to free speech?”

      Then follow it up with robo calls to every registered NJ Republican who voted in the last four primary elections.

      Lonegan worked as a consultant or as an employee for two towns in New Jersey: Bergenfield and North Arlington. In North Arlington (perhaps Bergenfield also) he worked for DEMOCRATS! Yes in 2004 he was a financial advisor for the North Arlington democratic government. I think his main role was to recommend firing a bunch of North Arlington employees who were on the wrong side of the then Democratic administration, so that the they could be replaced with political flunkies of the North Arlington mayor.

      Do you think it is a good idea for AFP to have an Executive Director who was a paid flack for Democratic politicians?

  4. lg1015 says:

    I’ve got two words for you Bulldog… YEAH, BABY!!!!!

  5. Barb says:

    Mark…don’t worry…its Palin Derangement Syndrome. The more you do that’s effective, the more they will attack you. Shake it off baby, shake it off. We shall prevail. Good things are coming….I feels it in me bones!! Oh yeah…this will probably be on their next post!

  6. owleyepundit says:

    Cluelessville … ? Is that anywhere near Cluefreesboro or Unclude?

  7. dloosend says:

    it’s also a Mommy thing……..

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