Channeling the Alpha RINO

If Karl Marx was correct when he observed that history repeats itself first as travesty and then as farce, we are faced with two questions. First: has history repeated itself in the person of Mitt Romney’s campaign for the White House? Second: is this travesty or is it farce?

Both David Axelrod and Jim Messina put out the bait and unfortunately Mitt Romney took it.

Joe Ricketts, formerly of TD Ameritrade and whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, proposed putting together a series of Super PAC ads highlighting President Obama’s relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Both Axelrod and Messina said that Romney should take a page out of John McCain’s book and not focus on Wright. Well, of course, Axelrod and Messina would like that because, gee, McCain lost to Obama. Romney responded it would be “the wrong course for a PAC or a campaign.”

So Axelrod and Messina got Romney to condemn ads that haven’t been even made. Score one for Team Obama.

Now while one could certainly argue that Romney is better off highlighting Obama’s three plus years in the White House rather than rehashing Reverend Wright, I think Romney took the wrong approach here.

What Romney ought to have said something along the lines of, “We’ll take your suggestion under advisement. In the meantime, when is the Obama PAC run by Bill Burton going to return Bill Maher’s $1 million?”

That would have put the ball back into President Obama’s court instead of having Romney juggle a hot potato he shouldn’t have touched in the first place.

Good grief. Groundhog Day is upon us and it isn’t even February yet. If the Romney campaign is determined to follow this overall strategy, then it might as well expect the conservative base to yawn and wonder why it should go to the polls in November and vote for yet another go-along-to-get-along RINO squish.

Let’s see now: continued gradual decay and transition into present day Greece versus total collapse and a new beginning. I’m beginning to wonder that if Mitt Romney is the avatar of managed decline, it might just as well serve the future better by voting for catastrophe in the person of Barack Hussein Obama and then rolling up our sleeves and starting all over again.

It seems rather paradoxical, no? At the height of the GOP primary – shortly after Newt Gingrich’s political stock skyrocketed in value,  Der Mittmeister unleashed his nuclear arsenal and proceeded to destroy both Gingrich and Santorum. Ron Paul was spared, perhaps because he’s a crazy old man and not worth the effort.

Yet when it comes time to enter the launch codes for the Obama-bound missiles, they mysteriously disappear back into the silos. Why is that?

There’s no real mystery here and I’ve explained it many times before: the “wine and brie” Republican Establishment is as terrified of being branded “Racist” as vampires are of holy water – my apologies to vampires for the awkward analogy. For whatever reason, they are incapable of substantively challenging those who make the charge while at the same time laughing it off as an absurdity. (For this reason alone, GOP State Committeeman Rob Eichmann has cynically engaged in an “anti-racism” witch hunt against his Conservative political enemies – blissfully ignorant of the fact that Conservatives laugh at his buffoonery even as the GOP elites quake in their boots.)

Romney is terrified that the Obama Machine will deploy the dreaded “Race Card” and will do anything – including appeasement – to keep that from happening.

Der Mittmeister is strongly advised to consider how well the appeasement strategy worked out for Neville Chamberlain.

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