Camelot Lives!

Just when you thought the Kennedy dynasty had seen its last days in the political realm of Massachusetts, a grandson of the late Robert Kennedy is running for the Bay State’s fourth congressional district – Barney Frank’s soon-to-be vacant House seat.

That’s right: Joseph Kennedy III, with the vintage Camelot toothy grin, has thrown his hat into the ring as Massachusetts appears unable to kick its long-standing relationship with the Kennedys. According to the Washington Post, Kennedy is leading Republican hopeful Sean Bielat in a new UMass/Boston Herald poll – 60% to 28%.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Bielat made a run at Frank’s seat in November of 2010, but lost 54%-43% – as did every Republican challenger in the fourth congressional district.

All of which raises an important question: why even run as a Republican in Massachusetts? Trying to find Republicans in that state is like trying to track down unicorns, but I digress.

Kennedy made the formal announcement yesterday in a campaign video:

“Congressman Frank has done so much for Massachusetts and America during his service in Congress and he leaves very big shoes to fill…I believe this country was founded on a simple idea: that every person deserves to be treated fairly, by each other and by their government.”

Excuse me a moment while I correct the young Kennedy. First, your hero – Congressman Frank – is an embarrassment to our political discourse and a chief overseer of the housing collapse. Second, this country was indeed founded on a simple idea. But it’s called individual freedom, not fairness, Joe. We have natural rights that come from God. And in a free, properly functioning society, the role of government is to protect those rights. The role of government is not to promote fairness and equality of outcomes. You ought to revise your campaign ad…on second thought, I forgot you’re running for office in Massachusetts. Carry on.

For those of you who haven’t the slightest clue about the newest Kennedy drone. The Washington Post clears that up:

He promises to fight for a “a fair job plan,” a better educational system, “a fair tax code” and “fair housing policy.”

The son of former Rep. Joseph Kennedy II and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, 31-year-old Joe Kennedy III was working as a prosecutor and before that an assistant district attorney in Massachusetts. He also served as a Peace Corps volunteer. His twin brother Matt worked on the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s last reelection campaign.

The Boston Herald picked out some other gems from the campaign-announcement video:

“You can always count on me to fight for small businesses, seniors, veterans, and for you to make sure you get the constituent service you’ve come to expect.”

“As an assistant district attorney, I fought for fairness every day in the courtroom…I volunteered in a legal aid clinic when I was a law student, helping tenants who were mistreated by landlords and banks.”

“My family has had the great privilege of serving Massachusetts before…They taught me that public service is an honor, given in trust, and that trust must be earned each and every day. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

The following quote was pulled from a speech given by Triple Joe on February 15:

“I’ve spoken to people from across the Fourth Congressional District — from Newton to Fall River — who believe that Washington no longer works for them. I will work hard to earn every vote and if elected bring that fight for fairness to the US Congress,” he added.

Ah yes, the Kennedy Machine is alive and well.

According to the Boston Herald, Kennedy received the endorsement of the AFL-CIO on February 15 drawing the following response from Bielat:

“Well, that is shocking…It’s the first step in the coronation process. This is how the Kennedys do things.”

Kennedy has also received the endorsement of the SEIU – which was issued a week before his candidacy was announced. As noted by the Herald, Bielat referred to both pre-campaign endorsements as “unbelieveable”. Think your frustrated now, Sean? Just wait until this race kicks into high gear and these unions start running their smear-campaigns. You’re really going to be re-considering your decision to run. You’ll probably also consider moving to Texas.

When Scott Brown knocked off Martha Coakley in 2010 for Ted Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat, there was an enormous nation-wide backlash against Democrats, Obama – and more importantly – Obamacare. It remains to be seen whether Bielat can capitalize on that same sentiment in 2012. The possibility for another lambasting of congressional Democrats is completely in the realm of possibility, but whether or not lightning can strike twice in Massachusetts is uncertain.

Despite the re-districting that’s going on in Frank’s old territory, there are still a lot of Democrats and as long as you’re running with the name “Kennedy” you have an advantage. Bielat is an unknown and so is Joe Kennendy. But it’s irrelevant. Joe has the name Kennedy and Bielat does not. There are plenty of dolts in Massachusetts who don’t know who this new Kennedy is and they really could not care less. He’s on the ballot, so therefore he will receive their vote. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

Joe, your family has “served” Massachusetts for far too long and they have destroyed it. You and your family have been contributing to the problem for decades. Banks and landlords are not the ones who caused the problems that our country faces. The federal government is what is creating hardship and “mistreatment.” The Community Reinvestment Act. Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac. Uncle Ted. Congressman Frank. The Democrats. The Republicans who followed their lead. These institutions and individuals are behind the mistreatment. Not evil banks and landlords. You can keep perpetuating this myth from the liberal playbook, but more and more Americans are finding out on a daily basis just how much of a fraud your arguments are. They’re finding out just how much of a fraud your party and your ideology is.

Joseph Kennedy III offers more of the same from the Democrats.  He offers the same losing ideology. He offers the same losing proposals that have destroyed the country and continue to put it on the road to ruin. He offers the same old-same old. This family keeps producing liberal politicians and Massachusetts keeps voting them in, but the tired old lines that he’s spouting from the Democrat playbook are not going to continue working on the national level. He might succeed in getting elected on his name alone in a left-wing state but the ideology he wears on his sleeve is being exposed more and more every day. The ruse is up.

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3 Responses to Camelot Lives!

  1. Kurt Epps says:

    Just the thought of anyone seeking Barney Frank’s, um, seat conjures up most disturbing images…

    • josephine says:

      You are so bad! I was in the gutter too. I was thinking that the Republican should have changed his name to Noforsale. It’s so similar to that woman who slandered Herman.

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