Cain Train Gains Momentum in Iowa and Nevada

It appears the conservative base of the GOP – through the alternate media of the blogosphere and talk radio – is making its voice heard above the din of the Drive-Bys and RINO pundits who dismiss Cain as a novelty and a flash in the pan.

To all this I say: thank God for the blogosphere. No wonder so many Donks want to commandeer the Internet and resurrect the Fairness Doctrine and it’s no surprise that so many RINOs are pacing the floor at night, wondering if it’s really true that Zombie Reagan has returned to the GOP in the person Herman Cain.

Yes indeed, kiddies, it looks like the Cain Train is gaining both speed and momentum. According to a University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll released yesterday, the Herminator is kicking RINO ass and taking names:

On to Nevada, where Der Cainmeister  edged out Mittens for first place in a straw poll taken by the Western Republican Leadership Conference:

While it is true that Cain spent a lot of time in Nevada promoting his message, it is also true that it and he are resonating there. No surprise: the electorate is starved for a man of principle and conviction who is unafraid to say out loud what so many of us are thinking.

Hence the growing popularity of what I am sure will become THE campaign song for Herman Cain going into 2012:

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