Cain and Bocephus: A Conservative Re-awakening

A couple of items caught my eye last night as I was surfing the web.

During the Republican Debate, moderated by two Liberal hacks and professional spastic Jim Cramer, last night on CNBC, Herman Cain responded to a question asked by Moderator Maria Bartiromo about the sexual harassment accusations levied against him this week, over incidents that supposedly happened 14 years ago:

The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations.

They don’t care about character assassination, they care about leadership and getting the country going.

The audience applauded, much to the chagrin of the moderators, who were booed and jeered when they asked the question.

Meanwhile, over at the Country Music Association’s Awards Show, the legendary Hank Williams, Jr scored a touchdown of his own.

In the show’s opening skit, Williams appeared with co-hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, after they mocked his controversy with ESPN and his “Monday Night Football” theme song.

In their skit, Paisley and Underwood sang, “You can get drunk and carry on but you can’t compare the president to Hitler.”

Williams’ tune – “All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight” – had opened “Monday Night Football” for more than two decades until early October when an uproar arose over remarks the songwriter had made about President Obama.

In an interview with Fox News, the 62-year-old musician used an analogy to Adolf Hitler in discussing the president. He later apologized and said his comments were taken out of context, but by then his song was no longer on ESPN. The broadcast said it had dropped Williams’ song, but Williams said he had pulled it from the broadcast.

Paisley began his own version of “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight,” but Underwood interrupted, saying he might make Williams mad.

The crowd roared as Williams walked on stage. Asked if he wanted to say something, Williams said, “No,” and the audience went wild.

What do these two events have in common?

It’s simple.  Both these men are examples of self-made Americans who, when faced with adversary, stood up on their hind legs and faced it.

Furthermore, the reaction to both Cain and Bocephus by their respective audiences speaks volumes.

It’s an expression of the Conservative re-awakening that began with the Conservative Landslide during the 2010 Midterm Elections.

Pollster and communications adviser Frank Luntz wrote the following in the article, “Republicans Won the Midterm Elections.  Now Can They Survive?” published in the Washington Post on November 7, 2010:

The United States has just witnessed its third straight rubber band election. Once again, Americans had their patience stretched, fired a Washington run amok and now want their new leaders to snap back to attention. The government Americans seek is simpler, more efficient and more accountable; one that takes on less but does better; one that executes the essential and eschews the excessive.

For two election cycles, the winners overpromised and underdelivered. So, will a newly divided Washington finally learn how to govern effectively in dire times?

First, a warning to both sides. Republicans, for their part, must realize that the voters have given them a reprieve, not an endorsement. In my polling last week, GOP voters agreed with this statement by more than two to one: “I am willing to give the Republicans another chance, but if they mess up again, I’ll vote them out again, too.” That’s hardly a cause for GOP celebration.

Similarly, Democrats must grasp that their defeats were not about deficient personalities or insufficient communication, but about their philosophy and substance. Roughly two out of three voters agreed with the statements that President Obama “has failed to deliver hope and change” and that in the midst of an economic crisis, Democrats “had their priorities wrong.”

The post-midterm realities are simple: If the Republicans don’t deliver on their promises, they’re finished. If the Democrats continue doing what they’re doing, they’re finished.

Both sides are promising to fulfill the will of the people, but people aren’t asking for promises. They’re asking for new priorities – their priorities.

The proprietors of the Status Quo, on both sides of the aisle, have a problem:  The sheeple are not listening to them anymore.

The MSM, the propaganda arm of the Status Quo, is growing more and more ineffective.

Witness their attempts at discrediting Herman Cain during this anonymously-driven Sexual Harassment put-up job.

The curtain is slowly being pulled back, to reveal “the man” behind it.

Americans aren’t blindly swallowing the fish hook being dangled in front of them by the Beltway Insiders and the MSM anymore.

In the case of Hank Williams, Jr., the audience gave him an ovation last night because he’s a straight shooter.

Americans appreciate that.

They have witnessed the sorry spectacle of the country that they know and love, beginning to vanish before their eyes, as family members and friends are let go from jobs that they have had for years, while the man who is supposed to be their leader, has nothing but empty promises of fictional “green” jobs to offer in consolation, while Congresscritters on both sides of the aisle, seem to have forgotten who gave them their cushy government jobs in the first place.

As Frank Luntz said:  It’s time for priorities.  Not promises.

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