But…It’s for the Children!

Mr. and Mrs. Leader of the Free World are on the last leg of a nine day Diplomatic Journey to Asia.  As always, they freely expressed their true feelings about the citizens that they are supposed to represent, while the world’s cameras were trained upon them.  The only difference was, this time, they picked on the most innocent of us all.

Keith Koffler reports:

Speaking at a high school in Australia, President Obama told a group of Aussie students that their counterparts in his country had “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science, saying he wants to reform the public school system.

Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.

Obama might have thought twice before casting America’s public school kids in a negative light to foreign students. Especially since he can exclude his own children from the system by paying for them to attend private school.

Not only did the man who is supposed to function as America’s biggest advocate demean America’s schoolchildren in order to suck up to another country, he also was continuing a theme he began back on September 24th, covertly linking his $447 million so-called “Jobs Bill” to the education of our children:

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making the case that we need to act now on the American Jobs Act, so we can put folks back to work and start building an economy that lasts into the future.

Education is an essential part of this economic agenda. It is an undeniable fact that countries who out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow. Businesses will hire wherever the highly-skilled, highly-trained workers are located.

But today, our students are sliding against their peers around the globe. Today, our kids trail too many other countries in math, science, and reading. As many as a quarter of our students aren’t even finishing high school. And we’ve fallen to 16th in the proportion of our young people with a college degree, even though we know that sixty percent of new jobs in the coming decade will require more than a high school diploma.

What this means is that if we’re serious about building an economy that lasts – an economy in which hard work pays off with the opportunity for solid middle class jobs – we had better be serious about education. We have to pick up our game and raise our standards.

As a nation, we have an obligation to make sure that all children have the resources they need to learn – quality schools, good teachers, the latest textbooks and the right technology. That’s why the jobs bill I sent to Congress would put tens of thousands of teachers back to work across the country, and modernize at least 35,000 schools. And Congress should pass that bill right now.

He’s not the only one using America’s schoolchildren to promote a Progressive agenda.  His beloved bride wants to raise our children for us ignorant masses, also:

Visiting an organic farm in Hawaii on Saturday, First Lady Michelle Obama said that “arugula and steak” was her “favorite” meal and expressed her view that American children need to “get their palates adjusted” so they will begin eating properly.

Mrs. Obama also said that children in “underserved communities” become obese because they “aren’t growing up with vegetables because there are no grocery stores.”

The first lady was participating in a roundtable discussion at the Ma’o Organic Farms in Waianae, Hawaii. During the discussion, according to the White House transcript of the event, she said that she had started a vegetable garden at the White House to teach young people how to eat.

“But one of the primary reasons we planted the garden was as a form of education,” said Mrs. Obama.

“Childhood obesity is one of my signature issues,” she said. “Our goal is to eliminate childhood obesity in a generation. And our view is that if we teach young people early about how to eat, and we give them a connection to the food that they eat, that they’re more excited and interesting, and interested, in what’s going on, and that in turn opens up a broader conversation about nutrition and health and movement–but also deeper issues of access and affordability, which are some of the primary causes of obesity. Because many of our communities–in underserved communities, kids aren’t growing up with vegetables because there are no grocery stores.

“People don’t have that connection,” Mrs. Obama said to her fellow panelists, who included a group of workers and student interns at the organic farm. “And we’re finding, through our contact with kids, that it is in fact working–like you guys: You now eat vegetables. You actually know what arugula is. And you eat it.”

One of the farm’s workers then told Mrs. Obama that arugula was a “favorite” of his.

“That’s right,” said Mrs. Obama. “My favorite, too. Arugula and steak. I like it a lot. That’s good stuff.”

Mrs. Obama then segued back to the importance of properly adjusting the palates of children.

“But we find the same thing is true with young kids, and if they get their palates adjusted to those very interesting flavors, they stay connected,” she said.

Later, in the discussion, Mrs. Obama said that her “Let’s Move” program focused on children for a reason.

“That’s how we’re approaching this obesity initiative,” said Mrs. Obama. “That’s why we set a generational goal. It would have been ridiculous for me to say, in 10 years we’re going to–or in 5 years we’re going to–change the way people have thought about eating and living. It doesn’t happen that way. We start with kids. We start with introducing them. We start with their habits, and it’s, the impact is really going to be on their kids, and how they pass that on.”

Just as with the erroneous notion of “collective salvation”, espoused by the Social Justice crowd, the Progressive molding of young skulls full of mush through nationalized, agenda-driven education “reform” and government control of schoolchildren’s diet and activities seems literally Orwellian in nature…a sublimation of American individualism and exceptionalism for the glory of the State.

What next?  Book burning a la “Farenheit 451″?…all except “Dreams of My Father”, of course.

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2 Responses to But…It’s for the Children!

  1. owleyepundit says:

    As one inclined to great corpulence, I offer this expert opinion: that too much of what we eat does not provide real satisfaction, and so we substitute either quantity of food or quantity (not quality) of flavor, which means heavy fats and lots of sugars. Mass-produced food is so uniform that even if the flavor is good it soon becomes cloying instead of satisfying.

    Fresh and lightly cooked foods vary enough in flavor that this is not a problem. That is why fresh ingredients make more satisfying meals.