Bulldog Bloggers Wanted: Inquire Within

Are you a writer with timely and thoughtful things to say whose blogging efforts are confined to the comment threads of your favorite websites because you haven’t the time, resources or inclination to start your own blog? Tired of working hard to compose a brilliantly written comment – only to see it engulfed by an ocean of other, often idiotic, comments? Ever wish for an opportunity to showcase your excellent writing in blog posts of YOUR OWN on a top Alexa-ranked website? Then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time you considered becoming a Bulldog Blogger. As a regular or occasional contributor to Bulldog Pundit, you will have an opportunity to vent your thoughts, ideas, opinions and even rants on a highly rated site that draws new readers every day. It’s your big chance to make a big internet splash and thrall hoi polloi of New Jersey and America with your acumen.

I’m looking for writers who want to blog on a whole variety of subjects, including lifestyle, arts & entertainment, local politics, news, history, science, cooking – even sports. That’s right, sports: if you have a witty and unique spin on sports stories that can grab the attention of readers who are not sports fanatics, I will guarantee you a regular time slot. If your movie reviews put mine to shame, then YOU are the next Bulldog Cinema Reviewer.

As for the remuneration, I can offer  only the opportunity  for you to build up a solid reputation as a capable and popular blogger who will one day stab me in the back by leaving to start your own blog.

So how does one become a Bulldog Blogger? It’s simple…but not easy.

1. Read as many of my posts as you can. You will either love them (and me) or hate them (and me). If the former, then read on and get a sense of my style. If the latter, then exit and shuffle off to the Daily Kos or Perez Hilton where I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable.

2. Write an article for publication. This is the hard part, obviously. Keep it under 600 words. Make sure the composition is tight, the grammar is correct and there are no typos or misspellings. Any quotes or text taken from other websites must be attributed with active hyperlinks. Write about a subject that most interests you, one with which you are most familiar.

3. Submit the article as an attached MS Word document. Send it to the following e-mail address: gene(at)genehoyas(dot).com with the following words in the subject line: “Proposed article for publication.” Make sure you attach the word document that contains your article. If technical difficulties prevent attaching the article, you can copy and paste it into the body of the e-mail itself.

I will read your submission carefully and determine whether or not your style fits the “feng shui” of this website. If it does not, you will receive a diplomatically-worded rejection letter that will encourage you to try again. Perhaps the second or third time will be the charm. But the fifth time? At that point, the response won’t be as diplomatic.

If I like what you write and your style has that “Bulldog Pundit” feeling, I’ll contact you with further instructions. A willingness to commit to the effort will be rewarded with a regular, semi-regular or occasional time slot and a growing audience of dedicated readers. For example, Allen Fitzhugh is a regular contributing blogger who “owns” the 2 PM time slot every day of the week; faithful readers of Bulldog Pundit know that every day at that time they will be able to read his wit and wisdom. Dana Pearson and E.E. Goldsmith recently joined the team as occasional contributors.

So don’t just sit there and envy Fitzhugh, Pearson and Goldsmith…write  an article and then send it to me. It’s about time the world reads what you have to say.

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