Is Bill Eames a Tea Party Sell Out? Ask Dick Zuendt.

Do I have your attention now? Good.  I happen to know that Bill Eames is a solid, Tea Party conservative who I had the pleasure of interviewing a few months ago – shortly after he emerged victorious over Bill Sullivan in the Republican primary for the LD-27 state senate seat. Sullivan is a RINO who enjoyed the backing of the Establishment GOP, including endorsements from Tom Kean, Jr., Jay Webber and Governor Christie himself – a rather curious occurrence in light of the fact that the GOP leadership pretty much wrote off District 27 as an electoral fait accompli for the Democrats and recruited Sullivan as the sacrificial offering for Team GOP on election day in November.

To make matters worse, in the past few weeks a number of local Republican office holders have endorsed Eames’ Democrat opponent, Dick Codey, to the chagrin of Dick Zuendt – head Jacobin of the Lonegan/Doherty Buttboy Brigade, also known as Conservative New Jersey. In a recent, spittle-flecked post crammed with righteous indignation, The Dick fulminates against four RINOs who endorsed Codey over Eames and issues his usual cri de coeur:

Williams Eames won the right to be the REPUBLICAN candidate the fair way, by being elected.  He deserves the same support from the REPUBLICAN Party just like any and all candidates who have an “R” after their names.  When are we going to hear the outcry from REPUBLICAN leaders like Tom Kean Sr. and Jr?  How about Governor Christie?

How about that Governor Christie, Dick? Have you perused the pages of PolitickerNJ lately?

Apparently not:

Gov. Chris Christie heads to a Morris County event on Monday morning for a scheduled breakfast with the LD 27 GOP ticket headed by businessman William Eames.

Few give Eames a shot against the veteran Codey, who possesses the largest campaign war chest among all members of the state legislature.

But amid buzz about a Codey return to gubernatorial politics, the GOP wants to scuff up the Democrat and prepare the way for a Republican district once Codey retires. To the end, Tea Party primary victor Eames already received $8,000 from the Republican Senate Majority and last week welcomed Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno in to help him campaign.

Now it’s Christie’s turn.

The Republican calculation here is to soften up the LD 27 terrain now for a wealthy 2013 candidate, say sources. The ideal choice of Essex Republicans remains Essex Fells Councilman William Sullivan, the man Eames defeated in the primary.

Two years from now, the establishment GOP wants to land Sullivan and create opportunity for Republicans to pull the district into the win column.

Regular Bulldog readers will recall that earlier this year, The Dick commenced a sustained campaign of libelous and defamatory invective against the Bayshore Tea Party group after its co-founder, Barbara Gonzalez, attended a breakfast hosted by Gov. Christie at Drumthwackit for no purpose other than discussion.

In his February 24 diatribe, The Dick declared outright that “For a couple of minutes with the Governor, the leaders of Tea Party Groups across the state have sold their members out, whether they know it or not.”

Well, well, well…events have now come full circle as Blimpus Maximus shares breakfast (no quiche this time) with none other than Tea Party challenger Bill Eames. And this is no coffee-klatch gabfest: Der Blimpmeister is serious about his endorsement of and support for Bill Eames, even though the motive for doing so is entirely ulterior. To make matters worse, the Senate RINOs forked over a cool $8,000 donation to Eames’ campaign.

If Max Pizarro’s reporting is accurate, we can draw only two possible conclusions in a Jacobin universe governed by the brainwaves of Dick Zuendt:

1. Just like La Gonzalez in February, Bill Eames has sold out himself and his entire Tea Party organization – except that in this case, he did so in exchange for an endorsement from Governor Christie, thereby making him a stooge of Der Blimpmeister;

2. Bill Eames either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that he is a tool of the GOP Establishment’s determination to gain control of District 27, thereby making him a useful idiot for the Establishment agenda.

Because I’m not a Jacobin asshat, I know that neither of the above options applies to Bill Eames. I understand that he has an uphill fight and that any assistance from the GOP – RINO or not – can only help and not hurt at this point. I also understand that if Eames manages to defeat Codey, there is no guarantee that he will be defeated by Sullivan in the next primary.

Unfortunately, The Dick doesn’t have the luxury of that option: he has no choice but to measure Eames with the same yardstick he used to measure Barbara Gonzalez. Will he pull his head out of Boss Lonegan’s colon long enough to condemn Bill Eames (so soon after praising him) with the same fervor he condemned Barbara Gonzalez? After all…sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, right?

Or will he prevaricate and dissemble in a desperate effort to safe face and avoid looking like the fool he truly is? Perhaps he’ll try to weasel out of the corner into which he painted himself by claiming that Eames is actually using Christie to prevail over Codey in much the same manner Anna Little attempted to do in her campaign against liberal Democrat Frank Pallone.

Aside from admitting that he is a hypocritical asshat who pronounces judgment much faster than he thinks, it’s pretty much the only option he has left.

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4 Responses to Is Bill Eames a Tea Party Sell Out? Ask Dick Zuendt.

  1. truther says:

    Gee, where are the comments of Heir Eichmann and Winkler on this matter? Surely they have something to say. Or is there a problem with the Winkler accusation against Eames? Is it that the accusation was disproved? W & E are the self proclaimed “uber conservatives” and knowith all! Have they gotten more publicity than heir Zuendt and therefore been dismissed? Whose ego is minding that mindless store this week?

  2. Barb says:

    I am just reading with a cup of tea. Juuuust reading.

  3. TP109 says:

    So let’s see how The Dick, the Winky Dinky and the Eichmeister weasel their way out of this one. And we trust you Gene, to tell the tale in your usual skewering style.