Behold the Obsession of a Green Eyed Willy

Every so often – either as the result of a link sent to me by a reader or out of sheer morbid curiosity, I stop by the CWA litter box to check out the most recent steaming pile. Lately, a lot of them have been stacking up courtesy of Bill Winkler (aka Wee Willy Winky), a self-important mediocrity, political hack and hatchet-man extraordinaire whose abysmal lack of either character or integrity is surpassed only by his…his…gee, I can’t think of anything.

The latest go-around has the Wee One, hiding behind the fictitious moniker of the NJCRLC in much the same fashion a coward hides behind a woman’s skirt,  hurling the usual impotent stink-bombs in the general direction of your lovable, much-adored, exceptionally intelligent and supremely talented Bulldog.

This time it appears that Willy’s obsession has driven him to mine the depths of the internet in an effort to dredge up dirt (it’s what creatures like him do best, after all) and this time he believes he’s hit the jackpot: in his latest post he announces to the world that I’m a spray paint salesman. There’s just one teensy problem with this discovery: I never worked as a salesman and certainly never sold spray paint. Good grief: if the conservatives truly want to win elections, they ought to consider farming Willy out to the Democrats to do their oppo research.

Nevertheless, he believes that my past disqualifies me from speaking with any authority on any matter other than spray paint. But what bothers him is not so much WHAT I say (he never refutes anything I’ve written on the merits of the arguments I make and the facts I present) but rather HOW I say it. He’s bothered by what he perceives to be my condescension, arrogance and lack of humility.

But why would he be bothered by any of this? A truly intelligent man would find a way to satirize it in a truly intelligent and truly funny manner – instead of projecting his own character flaws onto the object of his ever-deepening obsession. But Willy is not a truly intelligent man, though he believes himself to be so, and the fact that I’ve consistently outwitted and humiliated him over and over again has served only to unhinge him. His latest offering might just as well be People’s Exhibit A at a competency hearing.

Though I’ve already answered this pathetic line of attack in a previous post that I urge you to read, there is one delicious passage I want to repeat – if only because I know it cuts Willy to the quick:

I suspect you deeply admire the gift I have for literary composition with much the same envy Antonio Salieri admired Mozart’s gift for composing music. In that vein, permit me the opportunity in praising your writing to bastardize Mozart’s praise of Salieri’s music:  when one reads such words as you have written, what can one think but…Winkler.

And now for the obligatory video clip that neatly encapsulates what will likely be Willy’s future as an elderly mediocrity long after I have shuffled off this mortal coil. ‘Tis truly said the good die young.

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4 Responses to Behold the Obsession of a Green Eyed Willy

  1. Nadia says:

    Willy get your own Bulldog and stop coveting mine.

  2. TP109 says:

    Winky Dink previously lost a political client in northern NJ due to his false opposition research. Still looking for paid work.

  3. truther says:

    Bulldog, only one error. The character speaks for mediocrity. Are giving Mr. Winky Dink credit for being better than absymal and saying that he is at least mediocre?

    Me thinks thou dost give him far too much credit, ye lad!