Bayshore Tea Party Gives Thumbs Up to David Larsen

This should really drive the nut bugs at CNJ over the edge: yesterday, Barbara Gonzalez and Bob Gordon – La Gonzalez and El Gordono to those of us who know and love them – announced the results of a vote cast by the rank and file of the Bayshore Tea Party Group regarding the endorsement of candidates for the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. This comes in the wake of an initial vote cast by the rank and file that authorizes the organization to formally endorse candidates for office.

Dear Members,

We’d like to thank you all for voting.  The Candidates that we have voted to endorse are as follows:

Anna Little – 6th Congressional District

Bader Qarmout – US Senate

David Larsen -  7th Congressional District

We will keep you informed as to how we can help them in their efforts to represent us.

I hope we can summon up the passion and energy that will be needed to fight another uphill battle.   It won’t be easy, but we voted with our conscience and that is the most important thing.   If we work hard, we can win.   We know that first hand.   ; )


Barb and Bob

It doesn’t get sweeter than this. La Gonzalez explained that ACU’s endorsement of David Larsen over Leonard Lance as the TRUE conservative in the CD-07 House race pretty much clinched it for the BTPG members.

How long, I wonder, until the Internet is polluted with yet another delusional Rob Eichmann diatribe? Place your bets!

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One Response to Bayshore Tea Party Gives Thumbs Up to David Larsen

  1. Barb says:

    Well, after I stopped laughing (this was a brilliant, funny post) I figured I’d put my vote in… hmmmm…. I will say by tomorrow, my ears should be ringing!! No……clanging!!!! Like the bells of St Mary’s! I am very proud to be a member of a group that swims against the tide! Not because they want to….but because they have to. Thank you Gene for giving us a “friendly” place to go. Love ya!!