Basement-Dwelling Solidarity

Pop Quiz, Hot Shots:

Yesterday, President Barack Hussein Obama told a group “You are the reason that I ran for office.”

Who was he speaking to?

A.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars
B.  Those anonymous donors from the Middle East
C.  The NBA
D.  Reggie Love

The answer is: None of the Above:

President Obama was heckled on Tuesday during an appearance at a New Hampshire high school.

Obama had traveled north to the Granite State, which holds the nation’s first presidential primary, to discuss the economy and his proposal to extend a current payroll tax cut.

Just as the president started his speech, protesters, apparently from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, used the “human mic” technique to amplify their voices. It was unclear what the protesters were saying, or what point they were attempting to make.

The president smiled through the disruption, saying: “No, it’s OK,” as other parts of the crowd sought to hush the protesters by chanting his name and old campaign slogan, “Yes We Can.”

“OK, guys,” Obama said after supporters drowned out the hecklers.

Obama to hecklers: ‘I’ll listen to you, you listen to me’

“I appreciate you guys making your point; let me go ahead and make mine,” Obama said before continuing his speech. “I’ll listen to you, you listen to me, OK?”

A few minutes later, Obama acknowledged the Occupy protest movement again, saying: “You are the reason I ran for office.”

So, the man who occupies the most important position in the world was trying to suck up to a bunch of debauched, publically-defecating, mom’s basement-dwelling, hygienically-challenged losers?

I’m not surprised.

Things just are not going very well for “the Lightbringer” these days.

When Obama arrived in the Granite State, he discovered that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had left him a greeting in the form of full page newspaper ads and a television commercial attacking the president.

“Your policies have failed,” Mr. Romney writes in an “open letter” to the president that is running in the state’s three biggest newspapers — the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, and The Telegraph — less than two months out from New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

The full-page ads are part of a broader offensive that coincides with Mr. Obama’s visit Tuesday to the Granite State and includes Mr. Romney’s first television spot of the campaign season, which blasts Mr. Obama and features snippets of Mr. Romney’s campaign speeches.

“I am confident that we can steer ourselves out of this crisis,” the ad shows Mr. Obama saying in the old footage, before “He failed” spills across the screen. “We need a rescue plan for the middle class. We need to provide relief for homeowners.”

The ad then moves to Mr. Obama saying, “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.”

The Democratic National Committee has already suggested the ad is deceitful because the footage used is of Mr. Obama quoting an aide from Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008.

On Tuesday, the DNC said that Mr. Romney’s career has been built on deceiving people.

Pot…meet kettle.

“When he was running for governor he looked pro-choice activists in the eye and said he’d protect a woman’s right to choose and would even take that position to Washington if he pursued national office — now he wants to overturn Roe V. Wade and supports so called “personhood” policies,” the DNC said in a press release. “No candidate in modern times has had more trouble with the truth than Mitt Romney.”

If anyone should be able to recognize a prevaricator when they see one, it’s the Democratic National Committee.

I’ll bet you thought that since they ran them out of city parks from coast to coast and then sanitized the parks, we had heard the last of the OWS movement?

Nope.  They’ve got big plans.  These immature idiots plan on boycotting Black Friday.

Per their website:

Keep in mind that we are not occupying small businesses or hardworking people—we must make a distinction between the businesses that are in the pockets of Wall Street and the businesses that serve our local communities.

We are NOT anti-capitalist. Just anti-crapitalist.

Below is a shortlist for publicly traded large businesses to Occupy or to boycott on Black Friday. Luckily, most of them don’t have good presents anyway. If you want to see the top 100 retail businesses for 2010 to boycott, click here.

On Black Friday, Occupy or boycott:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch [ANF 45.85 -0.62 (-1.33%) ]
  • (yes, we have to stay away from Amazon, too!) [AMZN 192.34 3.09 (+1.63%) ]
  • AT&T Wireless [ATT 27.04 0.15 (+0.56%) ]
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods (I was surprised, too!) [DSG-FF 28.935 0.055 (+0.19%) ]
  • Dollar Tree [DLTR 77.09 1.40 (+1.85%) ]
  • The Home Depot [HD 37.10 0.04 (+0.11%) ]
  • Neiman Marcus
  • OfficeMax [OMX 4.49 0.09 (+2.05%) ]
  • Toys R’Us [JPM 29.41 -0.50 (-1.67%) ]
  • Verizon Wireless [VZN 94.30 -0.40 (-0.42%) ]
  • Wal-Mart [WMT 56.85 0.19 (+0.34%) ]


They probably sent the message out from their iPhones.

I tell you what, boys and girls.  C’mon on down to DeSoto County, Mississippi and try to stand in front of that Michigander I married, my daughter-in-law, or any of the other little flowers of womanhood out before dawn’s early light in quest of bargains this Friday morning and see what happens.

You’ll wish you would have stayed in your Moms’ basements.

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3 Responses to Basement-Dwelling Solidarity

  1. CJ FREEDOM says:

    It should be getting easier…but…I still find it impossible to believe what a total idiot is occupying OUR House. Mind-boggling.

  2. I am Sparticus says:

    They’d also be crying out for that Free Healthcare all of a sudden…

    I’ve gotta few Jersey girls covering Monmouth County. We can only hope.

    Hope all have a blessed & Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. owleyepundit says:

    And what right are those shoppers protecting? Nothing less than freedom of contract!