Arctic Fox: Time to Drain the Jacuzzi

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, a little after 3:o0 p.m. Central Time, a remarkable lady gave a remarkable speech as the keynote speaker at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference in the nation’s capital.

Here is a summary from the American Conservative Union’s website:

Before a jam-packed crowd, with hundreds more watching on monitors in the convention center hallways and overflow rooms, Palin attacked the Obama economic agenda from many angles.She identified the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a key culprit in destruction of jobs in America.

Instead of developing America’s own homegrown resources, the EPA has put the country in a position where it must rely upon dubious foreign sources, she said. And the EPA makes it difficult for businesses trying to expand although, Palin noted wryly, the EPA never seems to block the construction of new government buildings in Washington D.C.

“Instead of calling Washington D.C. a swamp, call it a wetland,” she said. That would be one way to slow the march of government, she suggested.

Palin also took aim at “crony capitalism,” which she said, was growing the size of government at the expense of average Americans.

“The politicians arrive as men and women (in Washington D.C.) and they become plutocrats. And they spread the wealth around to their pals.”

Palin also reminded audience members that CPAC was initiated by conservative activists who were out to remake the Republican Party. Reagan called for “bold colors, not pale pastels,” she said.

There is a certain paradox at work in the current political cycle, Palin said. “The conservative movement has never been stronger or brighter, yet the federal government has never cast a bigger shadow.”

The Tea Party has momentum because “the American people have woken up” to the dangers of big government, she said.

If the country continues on a path where policy makers attempt to tax and spend their way into prosperity, the future of America will look more like the old world rather than the new world.

“That’s the dream of the far Left, not the American dream,” she said.

Never before in American history has there ever been such a division between how the president views the “state of the union” and how average Americans view the “state of the union,” she said.

In history of our republic between how our own president sees Americans see state of union and Americans he’s elected to serve see state of the union, Palin told audience members.

Unlike President Obama, Republicans are looking to free markets and to long-standing constitutional principles, she said.

“His plan isn’t winning the future, it’s losing the country.”

What the ACU doesn’t tell you is that during the speech, she also subtly called out the winner of this year’s CPAC Straw Poll, Mitt “The Legacy” Romney:

“Our candidate must be someone who can instinctively turn right.” Sarah stressed that conservationism is not something a candidate learns running for office, adding, “It’s either there or it isn’t.”

And the jury’s still out on “The Legacy.”

Governor Palin continued her stemwinder…

 …Palin hit all the hot buttons issues while slamming President Obama. The audience stood longest and cheered loudest following her shout-out to Israel, when she slammed Obama as a weak Commander in Chief, vowing, “We will refuse to accept that a weak America means a better safer world.” A president’s job is protecting “… America people and our allies. God bless Israel! (Related: Sarah Palin: Obama is ‘our temporary leader’ Israel is our lasting friend)

Rolling her eyes, shrugging, gesturing, Palin recounted the rise of the Tea Party, “because Americans woke up.” After three years of the Obama administration, Sarah underlined his chance was at a close because “We can afford no more — he mucked it up!”

Speaking of “mucking things up,” protesters tried to disrupt Governor Palin’s speech, but got more than they bargained for:

A few protesters mic-checked Sarah Palin’s keynote speech at CPAC today but didn’t last long. Nothing could touch Palin, who had the crowd on their feet for large portions of her speech.

The protesters in the back of the room yelled “Mic-check!” and were immediately greeted with a standing crowd — and Palin herself — chanting “USA, USA.” Security quickly whisked them out of the room.

“We just won — see how easy that is,” Palin said after they’d gone.

One of her more memorable metaphors of the afternoon was aimed at the tone-deafness of the current administration and Congress. Governor Palin remarked that it was time to “…drain the jacuzzi and throw out the bums with the bathwater”.

Even though Governor Palin did make a dig at “The Legacy,” she had an important message for conservatives:

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin gave her marching orders to the Republican base at the Conservative Poilitical Action Conference here on Saturday, telling conservatives to “stand united” around the eventual Republican presidential nominee to defeat President Obama.

“We must stand as conservatives,” Palin said to a rousing standing ovation. “For the sake of our party, we must stand united with whoever our nominee is.”

Palin steered clear of directly injecting herself into the Republican fight for the nomination, declining to endorse a candidate.

“In America we believe that competition strengthens us. Competition elevates our name,” Palin told the CPAC crowd. “Competition will lead us to victory in 2012. We must stay true to our principles. I believe that the competition has gotta keep going but let’s make sure this competition brings out the best in our party.”

Governor Palin’s absolutely right.  This competition must continue, in order to prepare the eventual Republican candidate for the withering firestorm of insults, falsehoods, and downright dirty politics that they will be forced to endure from the re-election campaign of President Barack Hussein Obama and his minions in the Main Stream media.

Too bad the best Republican Candidate is sitting this one out.

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