Apparently, CNJ Really IS in the Tank for Lance

No surprise there when you survey the battlefield from high above: having been thwarted in their effort to hijack the Tea Party movement in New Jersey by yours truly last year, the Conservative Leadership Council (Steve “Boss” Lonegan, Mike “West Point Weasel” Doherty, Rob “Rockin’ Robbo” Eichmann, Bill “Wee Willy the Mediocrity” Winkler, et. al.) decided it was time to do an about-face and join forces with the GOP Establishment while still posing as the paradigm of Conservatism.

The plan is elegantly simple: Mike Doherty twists the political knife he plunged into David Larsen’s back in 2010 by joining the Lance campaign in 2012 and does everything in his power to ensure that Lance – a textbook RINO – emerges victorious over Larsen – a true Movement Conservative.

If Lance runs for the U.S. Senate seat that will likely be vacated by Frank Lautenberg in 2014, Doherty will likely run for Congress to replace Lance in the 7th District (just as he succeeded Lance in the NJ State Senate).

With Lance in the Senate and Doherty in the House, the battle for the soul of conservatism in New Jersey will be over as the pseudo-conservative agenda of the CLC will ultimately prevail. Those who stand up to it will find their necks under the jackboot of the CLC and their thugs at the ironically named website Conservative New Jersey

How can this be possible?  It’s quite simple, really: redefine what it means to be a conservative while simultaneously vilifying and defaming any Movement Conservatives or Tea Party groups who stand in the way of the CLC agenda. Thus a very revealing comment made on the CNJ site (no doubt by Wee Willy Winkler, who has been known to use dozens of screen name aliases in order to astroturf support for a particular post in the comment thread):

Here the strategy is laid bare: create a false narrative, namely that violent racism exists among erstwhile conservative blogs and tea party groups; hang that narrative around the necks of those who stand in the way of the CLC agenda; continue to repeat the lie and compound it at every opportunity; finally, use it to tarbrush Movement Conservative candidates in the Republican primary. In the end, we find ourselves in a topsy-turvy world where Leonard Lance emerges as the conservative candidate.

This is pretty sick stuff, the sort of thing we would expect to see from the likes of David Axelrod, the DNC or the nut jobs at MSNBC – not from a group that claims to represent Movement Conservatism. After all, it is liberals and political opportunists who employ this modus operandi. For this bunch, the ends justify the means and there is no more remorse for extinguishing the soul of the conservative movement in New Jersey by engaging in the politics of personal destruction than there is in swatting a housefly, especially if it means securing two seats in the U.S. Congress – and dominance over the Tea Party movement for Boss Lonegan – in 2014.

Insofar as Richard Zeundt tolerates this sickness and remains silent with regard to the 7th District race, it is painfully obvious he has sold out to the CLC cabal and not for no reason: if Lance prevails on June 5, Zeundt will become Blogger-in-Chief for a pseudo-conservative subsidiary of the GOP Establishment.

Way to go, Rich. It will be quite a feather in your cap and I’m reminded of another Richard who sold his soul under similar circumstances:

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2 Responses to Apparently, CNJ Really IS in the Tank for Lance

  1. truther says:

    The racist crap they continue to throw out is the same type of thing that we have seen in the past when someone says “some of my best friends are black.” Why does the declaration have to be made in the first place? Why do they need to scream racist and racism like delusional drunks unless they are the guilty parties in the first place and want nothing more than to direct the attention away from themselves. I really don’t know if anyone should write anything about them at all because to do so seems to just give them undeserved attention. They have no point and never had one. The entire cabal is a disgrace to all conservatives and republicans everywhere and like the old Amish, they need to be shunned and totally and completely ignored..

  2. I am Sparticus says:

    Great point. I think more people know that damn speakin’ deacon than follow eichmann in twitter. The only traffic they generate is by bashing Bayshore. The amish shunning seems appropriate, as the dick & tater show needs no explanation.