And the Band Played On…

There is an aphorism in English, translated into French, that has been re-incorporated into our language as a xenophonic expression employed without translation because the meaning is understood. Thus “Ciao,” “Voila” and “C’est la vie” come immediately to mind. In the present case, the phrase that pops into my head is “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” It’s a favorite of mind and observant readers will not that I’ve used it often. It means: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

No sooner had I composed the article published at 9 AM today than I was alerted to the latest proclamation from King Dick the Obstinate, who yesterday posted the following:

One of the reasons I am bringing this up tonight is because of the false allegations that have been spread by a few malcontents in the Tea Party movement in New Jersey.

For once in your miserable life, Dick, grow a pair of balls and call me out by name. I know that you labor under the delusion that if “Gene Hoyas” or “Bulldog Pundit” are never mentioned on your site, I will never enjoy the benefits of traffic migrating from your site to mine. But speaks otherwise: CNJ has become an inconsequential joke  in the  conservative blogosphere and, truth be told, it’s ME who is directing traffic to YOU.

That said, what you call “false allegations” have, for the most part, been demonstrated as entirely true over the course of the past three months.

Some have accused Conservative New Jersey of trying to “destroy” the Tea Party movement in the state.

It’s not an accusation, Dick: it’s a documented fact. Thanks to you and the goons you permitted to blog on your site, a concatenation of distortions, half-truths, insinuations, innuendo and outright lies was deployed to slander, libel and defame the Bayshore Tea Party and other Tea Party groups. And you have the dubious honor of owning the blog that started it all.

Others have threatened people who have asked Conservative New Jersey to post public events that they are sponsoring.

If you are going to make the accusation, then borrow a pair from Committeeman Eichmann and call a spade a spade: it’s ME you are accusing, not “others.” This ridiculous shibboleth has been answered repeatedly and you demonstrate just how disingenuous – and  stupidly unimaginative – you are for repeating it.

To them I have a simple answer; you all know that these are nothing but a figmentation of your overactive imaginations. None of it is true either in the past, now or in the future.

All of the foregoing has been documented as true. Perhaps we ought to start addressing you as Cleopatra, as you appear to be the Ruler of Denial.

Conservative New Jersey in general and I in particular have great respect for the Tea Party movement.

Uh huh. That’s why you were the first to libel the Bayshore Tea Party, right? Jeez, Dick, you remind me of Tony Bennett – and not in a good way.

Those Tea Party groups that adhere to the simple premise of “Taxed Enough Already” are a wonder to behold. They are groups of common citizens, getting together to learn, understand and change a system that is stacked against them. The meetings are held without extravagant surroundings or formality. In most cases the meeting room has been obtained for no fee, the leaders’ office is their kitchen or dining room table and any monies needed are covered by “passing the hat”.

A few Tea Party groups in the state have decided to abandon the aforementioned ideals and rather have started to adopt the same operational mannerisms of the very organizations they purport to be opposed to. Instead of worrying about the perception that their actions might have on others, they would rather take monies from those who very well might be back at a later date for a “return of the favor” moment. Most say it would never happen, but that has been said since the beginning of political time.

Ah yes, the Tea Party Gospel according to Dick Zuendt, who declares:

Hear me, O Tea Parties of New Jersey for I, Dick Zuendt, am the Arbiter and the Judge of all that is wholesome and good for the Tea Party Movement. From my lofty perch behind a computer screen – and despite the fact that I have never really immersed myself in the trenches of the movement per se -  I will tell you what to say and how to act. Those of you who  transgress my commandments will face my wrath. Or, at least the wrath of my goons.

And that is what started all of this: a self-absorbed little man who made himself the judge, jury and executioner of the Tea Party movement and continues to malign it even as he claims he is praising it.

No, Tea Party groups like North West Bergen, Mahwah, Union County and others know that to realize their dreams of an overhaul of the American political landscape, they must not fall prey to those whose only purpose is self-serving.

Then hopefully they will wake up to the truth and distance themselves from Boss Lonegan and the likes of you, Dick.

Conservative New Jersey will always be here to support and help any and all Tea Party groups whose only dream is to make both the state and nation a better place for freedom loving Americans to live. We will always publish their upcoming events. We will always accept any contributions that they wish to have posted on the site. But, for those groups who hold to that simple ideal, “Taxed Enough Already”, they will always have the one thing we hold dearest, our undying admiration.

Translation: Bow before me and Boss Lonegan and you will be lifted up and praised. Exercise your autonomy in a way offensive to me or Boss Lonegan and you will be vilified, libeled and defamed, for I, the mighty Dick Zuendt, have spoken. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Welcome to the self-destruction of the conservative movement in New Jersey – courtesy of Boss Lonegan and his Cadre of Neo-Jacobins.

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3 Responses to And the Band Played On…

  1. firedup49 says:

    What makes me wonder why does some in CNJ Eichmann, Zuendt, feel they must play judge and jury to Tea Parties. They remark if there are democrat members.
    Remember Ronald Reagan started out as a liberal democrat, then supported Eisenhower 1952 & 1956. Ronald Reagan said.

    “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The party left me”

    Did Reagan see the TEA?

  2. Kenny says:

    Beware of those who like to stab others in the Back.

  3. HeleneH says:

    firedup49, they do not play judge & jury. They are just poor pathtic unicks that work to try destroy the tea party. Their strings are being pulled by someone much stronger then themselves, so they are unable to think or act on their on. What will ultimately happen is they will destroy themselves. Oh well.