An Open Letter to Jon Stewart

Dwight Kehoe, my good friend and Tea Party activist extraordinaire, recently dispatched an open letter to Jon Stewart – the smug, smarmy Clown-in-Chief of the Comedy Central Network after Stewart compared the Tea Party movement to the Anti-Constitution Leftists occupying  NYC and other cities, asking: what is the difference between them?

Dear Jon Stewart,

We understand, as do most  people who have watched you, that without your team of lefty writers you most likely could not put  together a string of thoughts worthy of  a “Tom and Jerry” cartoon. Having said that, please have your people read to  you the following, as I very clearly define the differences between the Tea Party and the Anti-Constitution Leftists (ACL’S) who now “occupy” some major cities.

1. In over 2 years of Tea Party protests and rallies, held all over this country, which were attended by more than  3 million people, not one Tea Party person has been arrested or charged with a crime.

2. In just over two weeks, more than 1,800 ACL’S have been arrested for assault, trespass and destruction of  property.

3. Tea Party people bathe, wash and change their clothes on a regular basis, the ACL’S, not so much.

4. After every rally, march or demonstration, the Tea Party has left the area where they gathered cleaner than it  was when they arrived.

5. In contrast, the ACL’S not only hold a low esteem value of themselves, but also of private and public property, as they throw garbage where they stand,  defecate and urinate in doorways and sidewalks and empty trash cans on the streets and in buildings.

6. When the Tea Party organizes for a rally, they secure the proper permits and then obey the rules set forth.

7. If asked to move or relocate by the police, Tea Party people always comply.

8. The ACL’s rarely secure permits and never respect regulations or directives as they consistently curse and demean the police  officers trying to keep the rest of the citizens safe. They ignore police orders until physical confrontation  becomes inevitable.

9. The Tea Party is made up of mostly middle aged to older people who have worked their entire lives in an effort  to make a decent life for their children and families. They participate in the Tea Party movement not for  themselves, but for the future of the country and for the generations to come.

10. The ACL’s are made up of a bunch of un-American 60′s radicals, Communists, anti-Semites,  and unemployable  youngsters not old enough to understand  that they are being used by those who would destroy the economy of America and the world and thereby, their own futures.

11. The Tea Party leaves the comfort of their homes in order to make things better for others and they understand that  hard work, dedication to family and friends is what creates success, security and prosperity and is not dependent upon what others have or have not attained.

12. The ACL’S are made up of selfish, me, me, me, envious and lazy people who wish to demean those who have  worked hard as they demand that they should be entitled to take what others have created or earned.

13. The Tea Party has never ganged up on and beat an individual in a wheel chair or bit the finger off of someone  they disagreed with.

14. The Tea Party respects the rights of others while the ACL’S resort to vulgarities, intimidation and physical  attacks.

15. The Tea Party fears for the outrageous spending and waste of tax payer’s money that, even if stopped now, can  never be paid off.

16. The ACL’S could not care less about the financial problems facing America. It is  themselves they are concerned with and what  they can get that someone else has earned.

17. The Tea Party believes that America is what it is today, not solely because of its people, but also because the  Constitution has provided freedom and security for every individual to prosper if he is willing to work and take on challenges.

18. Most of  the ACL’S  have no concept of nor do they know anything about the Constitution, while the real leftists  who manipulate them see the Constitution as an impediment to big government and societal control.

19. The Tea Party understands that some corporations and financial institutions are unscrupulous and individuals should be  prosecuted if they break the law.  But the Tea Party  also understands that without those entities, standards of living  would resemble  life in the villages of the 3rd world.

20. The ACL’S believe every financial institution or corporation is evil, even as they wear the clothes, use i-Pods,  drive cars and bicycles, heat their homes and use printers and paper for their vile anti-American signs, and even as  they or their Mommies and Daddies live in houses made possible by loans from…bankers.

21. The Tea Party blames no one for their own failures in contrast with the ACL’S who blame everyone but themselves, as they chant  “Jew, go back to Israel” and so many other warm and cuddly phrases, such as “we know where you live”.

These are just a few of the differences Jon. Please make a note of them so that you can keep from making a complete  fool of yourself in the future.


Dwight Kehoe

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One Response to An Open Letter to Jon Stewart

  1. Barb says:

    Great letter…unfortunately, Jon won’t bother reading past the first line, if that much. He is a leftist, moronic, elitist, moron (okay, he is that much of a moron) who wouldn’t know a patriot like Dwight if he bit him in the ass….Sorry Dwight! I know that was gross.
    That was a great letter, indeed.