An Old Wooden Church in Poland

Say what you will about Catholics (I often say plenty, as I am still one of them), but back in the 1600s they sure knew how built and decorate their churches. For them, nothing was too lavish or too expensive when it came to glorifying God and the effort that went into their churches was – and in many cases, remains – utterly breathtaking.

That said, I urge you to visit a website that features a 360 degree, navigable panoramic hi-res photo of the interior of a 500 year old Catholic church in southwestern Poland. When you get there, click on the button all the way on the right to open the image up in full screen mode. Then use the arrow buttons to navigate the entire interior of the church. The (+) and (-) buttons bring you closer or farther away from any area you are viewing.

Go here and be amazed:

h/t to our good friend Kurt Epps for the link to this remarkable interactive experience.

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One Response to An Old Wooden Church in Poland

  1. ChloeVas says:

    Simply stunning. Thanks for sharing. What a gorgeous place to get in touch with God.