Allen Fitzhugh is Back!

After a week in exile, my long-suffering bride and I did our impression of the Clampetts, loaded up our ’92 LeSabre and 2009 Equinox, and headed back to our palatial estate in Southaven, Mississippi.

Soon, I intend to share our experiences with you, but today I just want to express a couple of personal opinions concerning two of the top stories of the last week:

Concerning the Secret Service getting serviced

The Secret Service announced Wednesday evening that three agents connected to the incident were leaving the agency. One planned to retire, another stepped down and the third has been proposed for removal for cause – meaning the agent has the right to be represented by a lawyer. The other eight, for now, have been placed on administrative leave and their security clearances have been suspended.

The revelations that 11 Secret Service agents and at least five military personnel may have been involved with prostitutes have shocked Washington and triggered several congressional inquiries into the scandal.

And, if that wasn’t classless enough…

One of the Secret Service supervisors ousted from the agency this week for their involvement in the Colombia prostitution scandal made light of his official protective work on his Facebook page, joking about a picture of himself standing watch behind Sarah Palin.

David Randall Chaney, 48, posted several shots of himself on duty in a dark suit and sunglasses, including one that shows him behind the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee during that campaign.

“I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” Chaney wrote in the comments section after friends had marveled at the photo. He is married and has an adult son.

Chaney, who had been a supervisor in the Secret Service’s international programs division, retired under pressure Wednesday, according to people familiar with an internal agency investigation into the allegations that 11 agents and uniformed officers participated in a night of carousing April 11 ahead of President Obama’s visit to the Summit of the Americas.

Regarding this idiot, Sarah Palin herself made a good quip yesterday, when she remarked:

I hope his wife sends him to the doghouse. As long as he’s not eating the dog, along with his former boss,” Palin said. She went on to say “boys being boys” is not an excuse. “Whether it comes to a budget, to GSA overspends, to the Secret Service scandal, you know, I have had enough of these men being dogs and not being responsible.

Back to the details…

He was one of two senior supervisors who are accused in the scandal, which investigators believe included heavy drinking, visits to a strip club and payments to women working as prostitutes. Several people familiar with the matter have identified the other supervisor as Greg Stokes, who was assistant special agent in charge of the K-9 division. Stokes has been notified by agency officials that he will be fired, although he will be given an opportunity to contest the charges, those with knowledge of the case said.

…in keeping with the high moral and ethical standards of their CIC.

And then, there’s this, about “the other white meat”…

Proving that election fights can unleash the worst jokes, the White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that conservatives gleefully noting that President Barack Obama was fed dog meat as a child in Indonesia were just “trying to get out of the doghouse.”

“He keeps up with the news, he may know about it,” Carney said noncommittally when asked about the back-and-forth. “I think we’re talking to a reference in his book to a period when he was six or seven years old. Making a big deal out of it sounds like somebody who’s trying to get out of the doghouse.”

The resulting press corps groan conveyed a clear message: For Seamus, Jay.

“Just occurred to me to say that,” Carney said. Carney had been asked about an online spat pitting top aides to Obama and Mitt Romney–who, in a notorious tale from 1983, put the vacation-bound family’s Irish setter, Seamus, in a carrier strapped to the roof of the family station wagon. Seamus ultimately emptied his bowels, the liquid dripping onto the vehicle’s windows and forcing Romney to stop to rinse them off.

Democrats (and Gail Collins of the New York Times) delight in telling the story of the 1983 trip, apparently hoping pet-besotted Americans will recoil in horror. Romney’s former rival for the party’s nomination, Rick Santorum, also played off the story.

Conservatives struck back this week, pulling up an excerpt from Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father” in which the future president talks about being fed dog meat as a boy in Indonesia. His take on the taste? “Tough.”

Conservative glee spilled over onto Twitter, virtual fur flying as top aides from each campaign barked at each other.

Well, doggone.  I believe the White House is barking up the wrong tree.  

However…the question on everyone’s lips remains:  

What sort of dog was young Scooter fed as a child in Indonesia?

Odds are…it was a weenie dog…Would that be considered cannibalism?

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  1. Nadia says:

    Welcome back, Allen!!