A Timely Warning from the SCTP

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Somerset County Tea Party – of which I am a member – that contains timely advice for the Republican primary voters in the 7th Congressional District concerning the candidates: incumbent Leonard Lance and challenger David Larsen. The e-mail comes to us courtesy of SCTP president Jim Lefkowitz.

What’s the REAL story in District 7?

Those who know me know how protective I am of the Tea Parties. Around every election time candidates suddenly become Tea Party advocates and want your TIME and your MONEY.

Before I give, I like to do a little research on how well THEY contributed THIER TIME and MONEY toward winning the election.

I encourage you to do the same.

First step is the recent  FEC filings of both campaigns, found here.

Don’t get “bamboozled” out of your time and money – learn the facts.

Excellent advice, Jim. And I did just that – I learned the facts. Based on the FEC chart posted on the SCTP website I gleaned the following:

  • The chart covers a time period running from January 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012 – a couple of days BEFORE the candidates officially filed their petitions. As we all know, donors are generally loath to fork over cash until the candidate actually throws his hat in the metaphorical ring.
  • Leonard Lance contributed $442 toward his campaign; David Larsen made no contribution. Again, this is before the official filing, so I’m not sure of its relevance. Moreover, the chart makes no record of the amount of time spent by each candidate to canvass the district. I would imagine that Mr. Lance must divide his time between his congressional duties and the call of the campaign trail. Mr. Larsen, I am told, canvasses the 7th District every day of the week. I would imagine that this time on the stump must count for something, no?
  • Over the time period reflected in the FEC chart, Mr. Lance has raised a little over $652, 000 in contributions with roughly $229,000 in disbursements. For his part, Mr. Larsen raised $15,387 with almost $38,000 in disbursements.

No surprise here: Mr. Lance enjoys the perquisites of incumbency, including a clockwork campaign organization, congressional franking privileges and a steady stream of donors directed to his campaign by the GOP Establishment – including the likes of State Senator Mike Doherty, an erstwhile conservative who showed his true colors earlier this year when he agreed to manage the Lance campaign effort in Hunterdon County.

It was conservative poster boy Mike Doherty who stabbed Movement Conservatism in the back by endorsing Establishment RINO Lance over conservative Larsen in the 2010 race and then twisted the stiletto by throwing in his lot with Lance this year. I guess you could say that Doherty “bamboozled” those conservative Republicans who placed (and continue to place) their trust in him to do the right thing.

Then there is the question of where the money comes from. A little digging revealed this interesting bit of data:

This is interesting: 55% of the money raised by the Lance campaign came from political action committees (PACs) while all of the money raised by the Larsen campaign came from individuals.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with getting one’s funding from PACs, assuming that the PACs reflect the core principles embraced by the candidate. That said, which PACs forked over cash to the Lance campaign between January 2011 and the end of March, 2012?

The full list may be found here. From this list I have culled nine noteworthy donors:

Who are these PACs?

1. Bluegrass Committee PAC- this is a pro-Republican candidate organization headed by Sen. Mitch McConnell – who personifies the GOP Establishment in the Senate.

2. Every Republican Is Crucial PAC – another pro-Republican candidate organization headed by Rep. Eric Cantor – who is part of the GOP Establishment in the House.

3. Public Service Enterprise Group PAC – the political action arm of Public Service Electric & Gas – an energy utility with which Mr. Lance has some interesting connections: PSE&G supported the Cap & Trade bill for which Mr. Lance cast his YEA vote.

4. International Union of Operating Engineers PAC -  a private sector trade union. ‘Nuff said.

5. Tuesday Group PAC – an organization that takes its name from a group of Republican centrists who meet weekly in the basement of the Capitol to discuss their policy priorities. The Tuesday Group was once co-chaired by former Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware. ‘Nuff said.

6. National Air Traffic Controllers PAC - a public sector union. You might recall that Reagan fired them when they went on strike in the early 1980s. ‘Nuff said.

7. Republican Main Street PAC – Sen. Olympia Snow of Maine had this to say: “The Main Street PAC provides vital support to centrist candidates who face challenging elections. Their efforts greatly assist my campaign and others across the country.” Lance is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, which also includes John McCain. ‘Nuff said.

8. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades PAC – a private sector trade union. ‘Nuff said.

9. Ironworkers PAC – a private sector trade union. ‘Nuff said.

Interesting, no? Especially when you consider that Mr. Lance has referred to himself as “the Ronald Reagan candidate in this race.” This from the man who was one of only a handful of House Republicans who voted in favor of Cap & Trade, in favor of funding Obamacare and who only recently (when he realized he would be challenged in the primary) began proclaiming that he is pro-life.

I offer my thanks and congratulations to Jim Lefkowitz and the SCTP: by alerting the Republican voters of the 7th District to Leonard Lance’s shameless attempt to “bamboozle” them into believing he’s a Reagan Conservative, Jim has done a yeoman’s job.

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15 Responses to A Timely Warning from the SCTP

  1. dloosend says:

    So Lance, unlike Anna Little, actually tends to his elected job while campaigning—Little abdicated her final year in office to pursue her “calling”—-but that’s just peachy with Tea Partiers. Hypocrisy is now a two-way street.

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      Lance is a U.S. Representative with a full staff (here and in DC); Little was the mayor of Highlands, for heaven’s sake. I for one am grateful she did what she did if only to give Frank Pallone a political bloody nose.

      Try to maintain some sense of proportion…you’re starting to sound like a Jacobin.

  2. dloosend says:

    So, to be clear—it is fine for an elected official to NOT attend to their duties for a year while running for another office. Not a quality l look for—–do your damn job!!

  3. Barb says:

    Oh my…..it’s so interesting to see someone who was a “tea partier” suddenly become an enemy of the tea party just because everyone in the tea party doesn’t see certain things his way. It’s just like a liberal. If it’s not what you think….attack, attack, attack. This person is attacking people that give a lot of time to try to do what they think is right. All of a sudden, these hard working, passionate “tea partiers” have a whole new enemy. The disgruntled tea partier. It’s fine to have an opinion, we all should be able to voice ours, but there is no reason to s**t where you used to eat.

  4. Barb says:

    Just to clarify…my last comment was in response to dloosend.

  5. dloosend says:

    As a property owner in BOTH Highlands and Middletown—i am paying the Anna Little Tax lncreases—twice!! l thought TEA was Taxed Enough Already—not suck-up to Anna Little.
    lf one of the complaints against Milhous is he abdicates governing to campaign—WHY DOESN’T IT APPLY ELSEWHERE??? Who were the people crying and threatening to leave her campaign multiple times in 2010????????????? Where is her staff from last time??? Where are the people of Highlands–her home town that didn’t vote for her—dissolved the GOP and lost control of the town to Dims——-these are all facts no one wants to address.
    l have been an involved citizen my whole life—voting, paying attention, going to town halls, council meetingd (unlike the elected Mayor of Highlands), school board meetings–my entire life. l was an involved citizen—-mostly alone. Then there was a local Tea Party—oh good–reinforcements. However—-three years later—still attending these meetings, paying attention, and NOT supporting flawed candidates—-alone. Too bad actually getting involved in local gov’t is beneath you folks or you might actually support someone BASED ON THEIR RECORD. lf almost everyone who supported you in 2010 is now gone—that shoukld tell you something.
    Disgruntled??? About what??? That after all this time i am still the only taxpayer in Middletown who attends meetings??? That Anna didn’t attend a single council meeting—her elected duty—for ELEVEN MONTHS???? Unlike many others—i work with those who are actually in the arena, not just outside throwing rocks.

  6. dloosend says:

    And i can find my way to all these meetings without charging anyone a penny.

  7. Cranky ole Patriot says:


    It’s ok for tax increases in Middletown but not in Atlantic Highlands?

    Only the Mayor controls and approves tax increases?

    You were there, all by yourself, letting everyone know what’s going on after the fact, but all that matters is, you were there. Well, aren’t you just wonderful!!! Sitting in front of your computer scanning the blogosphere to add your sarcastic input. Yes you were there and didn’t tell a soul. Oh, circulating a meeting schedule in February constitutes letting someone know what’s going on. The NFL draft is a priority compared to not letting people know what is going on? I see little evidence lately, of you working WITH anyone but yourself. So let’s see; one School board meeting a month (2 maybe 3 hours) 2 Town Council meetings a month (4 maybe six hours). Maybe one WHOLE days work a month. Really getting involved! And you have time to bitch and moan but not let anyone know what’s going on or what’s important til after the fact, if at all!

    Some of your comments about Anna may well require an explanation. I’m sure Anna would not have had a problem answering any questions you might have had. The only empty chair I noticed at Anna’s and Ernesto’s vetting session was yours. Being involved is not just being there. It requires letting other people know what is going on. Whether there are excuses for not being at a meeting, there is no excuse to not share the information you have obtained with those who you claim to work with.

    Look at the results achieved by Shelly Kennedy on Agenda 21. Were you there? Why not? Plenty of notification on every single important meeting on this subject and other related matters were sent to you! Any and all information gathered at said meetings, was dispersed to you in a timely manner. This is an example of being involved! Shelly shared the information with the Tea Party. The Tea Party then relayed it to their members, assuring that those interested in resisting further inroads of Agenda 21 were in attendance at those important meetings.

    Results matter!

    Throwing stones is just throwing stones!

  8. Barb says:

    God bless you Cranky Ole Patriot!!! No matter what dloosend comes back with cannot beat what you said here. Very well said and you are absolutely right. Nothing else need be said here. On behalf of all the tea party people who have been donating all of their time and energy, like Shelly!!, I thank you.

  9. dloosend says:

    Sorry dude—if l spent “all those hours” doing important work—i could find two minutes to google my local town and school board—hell in ten minutes you could list all the towns in Monmouth County. When you meet five Fridays to review a town’s budget—and no on else even reads it—what’s the point. When you send emails two months in a row announcing the schedule–and no one shows up—save one at a few school boards—why bother???
    l take being a citizen seriously—and long before there was a Tea Party—i found my way to dozens and dozens of gov’t meetings. lf simple things like attending town councils requires email streams and multiple notifications to ‘leaders”–it’s not for me.
    l never knew it was my job to instruct you how to be a good citizen. lt’s what you do when no one is looking that matters.
    No, the taxes in Atlantic Highlands DONT affect me–do you go to meeting in Missouri—they have taxes there too.
    Long before even radios—people found their way to town meetings—so i don’t buy that’s it’s my responsibility to provide YOU notice of anything.

  10. dloosend says:

    Last month was the budget meetings for the Freeholders—-where was everyone for that???
    lt was even on your calender—yet–alone again naturally. So, if no one attends a meeting listed on your calender—-unlike other local meetings—how , again, is that my fault??

  11. kenny says:

    Hmmmm – this post is not about Anna Little nor should it be. We all do our part. If everyone does their little bit – it all adds up. The Mayoral position does not raise taxes, although it may be proposed in the budget. Ultimately, it is up to the Council or Committee to raise taxes. I would suggest that only Anna Little knows for sure, whether or not, she was completing her tasks as Mayor. The Mayor does not have to attend every Council meeting and in many townships, it is recommended that they do not. In such situations, the Mayor has the Township administrator attend those meetings. Most Mayors do not attend School Board meetings – because it’s a part of the budget that they do not control. For all of the other meetings happening within the administration, those heads report to either the Mayor or Council.

    With that said – going back to the topic as stated – we note that Mr. Lefkowitz has helped us out a great deal here in the 7th Congressional District – in vetting Rep. Lance. Wonderful work – Bulldog! As always.

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