A Problem for the Moonshine Man

My guess is that he never figured his totally loaded question to Ron Paul – one he happily deployed afterward to bludgeon his real and imagined nemeses – would ever boomerang and bite him squarely in the ass. Of course, I’m referring to none other than Star-Ledger columnist, conservo-gnostic crank, confirmed Paulbot and hack “journalist” Paul Mulshine, who managed to attach himself like a lamprey to Rep. Ron Paul during a visit to Garden State in late September. During that time, he peppered Crazy Uncle Ron with all sorts of questions – a great many of them loaded, including this doozy:

Q: Do you think radio talk show people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin fear that you’re making them obsolete because your views reveal them as the statists they are?

A: I think that if I gain influence it’s an embarrassment to them because they’re not really limited-government people yet they make their livelihood fooling the people into thinking they’re the real leaders of limited government. And when you look at it we find out that they haven’t been. Look at Bush’s eight years. The budget exploded.

I speculated that, in reality-world, it’s more likely that Dr. Paul is familiar with Limbaugh, may have heard of Hannity and probably never heard of Mark Levin – all of whom are fundamentally in agreement with much of Dr. Paul’s domestic agenda (although the details are subject to debate) while all of them oppose Dr. Paul’s military and foreign policy agenda which, charitably speaking, is batsh*t crazy.

As it turns out, I was wrong regarding Sean Hannity: he  certainly heard of Ron Paul and interviewed him several times on both his radio show and his FOX News show. He may be a Dimwit, but Hannity knows when he’s been dissed and he managed to lasso the Texas congressman for a quarter-hour interview on his radio program today (fast-forward to the 4:45 mark for the relevant exchange).

It is to his credit that Hannity refuses to mention Mulshine or the Star-Ledger by name. Bully for him.

According to The Hill:

At first, Paul seemed unsure that the quote was his.

“Is that an exact quote?” Paul asked.

Hannity then told Paul that the quote was verbatim and argued that he had a record of conservative opposition to some of former President George W. Bush’s proposals. The Texas congressman said he was encouraged to hear that Hannity was devoted to limited government.

“There’s no reason I can’t modify my concerns, because for so long we haven’t been able to make any inroads [toward conservative causes],” Paul said. “Maybe the various people you mention and I are coming closer together.”

But Paul still seemed skeptical that the conservative talk show circuit was truly devoted to reducing the size of government, saying that while Hannity might have opposed expansions, perhaps “the other names you mentioned have been less willing to look” at scalebacks.

Perhaps Dr. Paul would benefit from a tete-a-tete with both Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin – each of whom would pretty much echo Hannity’s sentiments. I’d love nothing more than to hear Uncle Ron express to Rushbo and the Great One the same conciliation he expressed to Hannity.

All of which leads us back to Paul Mulshine: Now that Dr. Ron Paul is a bosom buddy of Sean Hannity, what will the Star-Ledger’s house conservo-curmudgeon do? After all, he faces two appalling scenarios:

(a) Ron Paul is a sell-out who will do anything for votes – even if it means French-kissing a detestable Big Government statist;

(b) Ron Paul understands that while profound policy differences still exist between him and the Talk Radio Troika, Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin are anything but Big Government statists.

Whatever will the Moonshine Man do?

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  1. TP109 says:

    Excellent reporting. What will he do?…..back to the Moonshine of course.