A Plague on Both Your Houses

Let the historical record show that the current spate of cannibalism and mutual desanguination among the contenders for the GOP nomination began with Mitt Romney and will end with Newt Gingrich. Let the record further show that the radioactive political fallout from this vicious nuclear exchange may end up being sufficiently toxic to sabotage the GOP effort to regain the White House this November.

I’m still shaking my head in disbelief at both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich: the former for launching a Pearl Harbor offensive against a candidate who made it clear that his campaign would never resort to negative ads and therefore was in no position to respond in kind when the bombs began dropping; the latter for responding with a scorched-earth, take-no-prisoners, to-hell-with-the-consequences counter-offensive that might as well have been created for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Yes, I understand what’s going on: Newt’s decision to stay positive and avoid attacking his opponents catapulted him to the top of the field in record time. Der Mittmeister saw his dream of lip-synching “Hail to the Chief” snuffed aborning and did the only thing he has known how to do since 2008: when you can’t run on your own shaky record and find yourself in second place, trash the front runner. And that is exactly what he did – at least, it’s what the lavishly-funded, pro-Romney super-PACs did – without his knowledge, of course (wink, wink).

I can certainly understand Newt’s outrage: he was, quite literally, Pearl Harbored by Mittens and in no position to respond for three weeks. By then, he was knocked back to fourth place. Who can blame him for responding with a vengeance?

Trouble is…Newt’s response could easily have been ripped from the pages of the David Axelrod playbook and the attack ads published by his super PAC need only be marginally repackaged by Team Obama and then magnified a thousand-fold over the course of the next ten months for maximum effect against Der Mittmeister.

Perhaps that’s what Newt wanted all along: the payback to Romney for torpedoing his only chance of becoming the GOP nominee would necessarily mean torpedoing Romney’s only chance as the GOP nominee of becoming President of the United States.

Good grief, Newt has become Captain Ahab…with predictable results.

Oh yes… he beckons. Ahab beckons – as does Gingrich.

Not that Romney is a prize-winning conservative by any stretch of the imagination: he’s a go-along-to-get-along, corporatist RINO posing as a free market Reagan Conservative. The sooner we the GOP rank and file realize and accept this as a fact of political life, the less painful will be the upcoming political sodomization at the hands of Obama’s Chicago attack machine.

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2 Responses to A Plague on Both Your Houses

  1. Dana Pearson says:

    If Newt Leroy’s super PAC says Mitt Romney is a heartless SOB, and they are right, well then I just switched allegiance from Perry to Romney.

    We need a heartless SOB who fires people to cut down the size of government and the multitude of duds who work for and obtain consulting fees from the government and the Freddie Mac type quasi government agencies. Compassionate conservatives like NLG have been proven to be ineffective.

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      If Newt Leroy’s super PAC says Mitt Romney is a heartless SOB, and they are right, well then I just switched allegiance from Perry to Romney.

      IF they are right. Alas, they aren’t. Oh, Mitt is quite the warrior when it comes to trashing Conservatives – especially those who have fallen from Reagan’s Grace – and I have no doubt that when it comes to swinging the ax in the business world, he rivals the efficiency of the guillotine during the Reign of Terror.

      But attack Obama? Heh…expect him to be nothing but deferential, lest he be branded a racist – and charges of racism are to the RINO establishment what kryptonite is to Superman.