A Letter to Chairman Samuel Raia of the NJGOP

Enough is enough, my friends. In what has to be the most supreme act of  hubristic irony and pure chutzpah I’ve ever seen, NJ Republican State Committee member Rob Eichman – self-professed nemesis of the Bayshore Tea Party  – published an article in which he presented an e-letter he claimed to have sent to fellow members of the State Committee, complaining that my “racism” is harming both the Tea Party movement and the “Republican brand.”

Rather than waiting to see what the NJGOP has to say, I decided  to dispatch an e-letter today to Samuel Raia, Mayor of Saddle River and Chairman of the NJ Republican State Committee:

Dear Mayor Raia,

I am compelled to contact you directly regarding an article (http://conservativenewjersey.com/the-njgop-must-take-a-stand-against-bigotry) published by Gloucester County Committeeman Rob Eichmann at a blog called Conservative New Jersey  in which he claims to have dispatched an e-mail letter to the GOP State Committee essentially accusing me of racist behavior  that he believes will taint both the Tea Party movement and the Republican brand in New Jersey. You can view my “racist” post here (http://genehoyas.com/fraud-is-as-fraud-does-mac-daddy-style/) and judge for yourself.

It is also my understanding that Mr. Eichmann dispatched a copy of his letter to Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, who wrote about it in his Sunday blog column, noting that Mr. Eichmann is a Republican State Committeeman.

What Mr. Eichmann did not tell you is that, in a series of articles posted at Conservative New Jersey and Conservatives With Attitude over the past five months, he has relentlessly libeled and defamed the good people of the Bayshore Tea Party and its leaders, Barbara Gonzalez and Bob Gordon.

I have linked to some of the most egregious articles below:

Fictitious Tea Party Nuttiness

Fictitious For-Profit Tea party Nonsense

Is It Any Wonder TEA Party Polling Has Tanked?

In my capacity as a private citizen and blogger whose only affiliation is with the Somerset County Tea Party Group, I have spent much of the past two months defending the Bayshore Tea Party against Mr. Eichmann’s vicious and utterly baseless attacks. The articles I post on my website reflect only my own views and opinions: I hold no office within the GOP party apparatus. I do not claim to speak on behalf of the Republican Party nor have I ever claimed to do so.

Apparently, my efforts on behalf of the Bayshore group were effective, because Mr. Eichmann now asserts that “As the elected members of the Republican State Committee, I believe it is our responsibility to let those who cross the line know that they are crossing the line.”

Crossing the line? It is no exaggeration to say  you will need a chainsaw to cut through the irony of Mr. Eichmann’s claim, insofar as he is a duly-elected member of the NJGOP State Committee who has written reprehensible things about one of the most patriotic – and influential – Tea Party organizations in the Garden State.

It is true that, in his capacity as a private citizen, Mr. Eichmann enjoys the same freedom of speech and press that I do. But does that right encompass libel and defamation of both a patriotic organization and its leaders? Needless to say, from this point going forward, I will take every opportunity to point out publicly that Rob Eichmann is a member of the NJ Republican State Committee.

Mr. Raia, I would not presume to tell you how to run the State Committee nor would I even suggest a course of action on your part. All I ask is that you give a moment’s consideration to the questions necessarily raised by Committeeman Eichmann’s behavior:

Is Rob Eichmann’s campaign of vicious defamation against a patriotic Tea Party organization the sort of public behavior on the part of a State Committee member the NJGOP deems acceptable?

Can the Republican State Committee honestly say that it is proud of Committeeman Eichmann’s conduct toward the Bayshore Tea Party and comfortable with the ever-lengthening shadow his attacks are casting on the NJGOP?

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Gene Hoyas

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8 Responses to A Letter to Chairman Samuel Raia of the NJGOP

  1. dloosend says:

    And if their response is silence, then they will be added to the cowardly knish/cwa/cnj/lonegan/hoffa/obama cabal………and you only capitalize
    names as a sign of respect…………..

  2. Barb says:

    The cowards took their stuff down. I am shocked!!! not.

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  4. TP109 says:

    Perhaps a signed letter to Chairman Raia from all the aware TEA Parties might reinforce that there are many for whom Eichmann is a pariah; that he is exposing the State GOP to needless disdain, and that the NJ TEA Party movement will never back down from such attacks.

  5. owleyepundit says:

    Apparently the Bayshore TEA Party Group’s efforts at un-gerrymandering New Jersey are threatening the GOP as well as the Donks.

    Hey GOP, we’d like to be on your side, but the Constitution comes first. Why not join us there? We could really use your help. America could really use your help if you would only stand up for the principles we’re supposed to share.

    • HeleneH says:

      Your call to the GOP falls on deaf ears. Here in NJ they are comfortable with their collective station. As long as they are minority they can hide behind the dems & not break a sweat. NJ GOP will continue to introduce bills that will never see the light of day. When they make a stand it is when they don’t have to live up to.it.
      NJ GOP & “conservative” leaders despise the tea party. We have revealed them.

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