A Korean Adele?

Claudia forwarded this gem to me yesterday evening and I can’t get enough of it: apparently, South Korea has its own version of American Idol and in this particular installment a 15-year old by the name of Park Ji Min blew away the competition AND the judges with her version of “Rolling in the Deep” made famous by the incomparable Adele:

No sooner did she begin singing in flawless American rock-n-roll English (pay close attention to her delivery at the 1:44 to 1:56 marks) than I began to wonder which of two possibilities explained this phenomenon:

(a) She was well-instructed in English as a child and spent several months practicing this song until she perfected the accent and the delivery;

(b) She spent a considerable amount of time in the United States – perhaps her entire childhood – and therefore had only to work on aspects of the delivery and any attendant theatrics.

What say you good people?

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