A Challenge From Wee Willy…and An Answer

It just keeps getting better and better, folks. Not content with ruling the roost at his own private Idaho – otherwise known as NJCRLC.com – and then subsequently fouling the nests of CNJ and CWA respectively, Bill Winkler has started up yet ANOTHER website (gosh…does this guy actually do ANYTHING of value for State Senator Steve Oroho, the man who presumably employs him?). You gotta check it out here. When you’ve finished laughing, come back for the analysis.

Have you finished laughing? Very well then, here’s to a few more giggles: note how he never identifies who actually founded the site or who currently manages it, although the posts do reference the “NJCRLC Staff” as the author. Note also that Winkler ripped off my “Today in History” daily post (he did this a while back at CWA). I understand that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…but obsession? This is becoming downright creepy. I can almost hear Wee Willy channeling the Glenn Close character from Fatal Attraction: “I will not be ignored, Gene.”

Best of all, he reposted a personal attack that featured the following:

Last weekend weekend, Eugene Hoyas tried to explain political polling to us.  This morning he is hiding behind an alter ego and trying to explain the law to us.  He hides behind the alter ego knowing full well that he won’t accuse NJCRLC of criminality and expose himself to a lawsuit.

Actually, Dana Pearson is a real person who is not me, but that’s beside the point. Here you go, Willy…your wet dream has just come true:

In my not-so-humble opinion, the NJCRLC is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE engaged in criminal activity for criminal purposes. It is fronted by a person (I hesitate to use the word “man”)  utterly bereft of ethics and morals who, I suspect, would not hesitate to kill his own [fill in the blank] if it meant scoring the most minuscule of points against everyone’s beloved Bulldog – so deep and pervasive is his criminally pathological obsession with me. 

To call Wee Willy Winkler a Wee Willy Weasel would necessarily involve maligning the entire genus Mustela, which I cannot do because ferrets are just that cute. But I have no problem calling him a criminal. Worse yet, he’s an utterly mediocre criminal – the kind of incompetent nebbesh who tries to rob a bank but can’t draft an intelligible robbery note.

And while we’re at it, I seriously question Steve Oroho’s wisdom and sanity for keeping this showroom example of human debris on his payroll. 

Now sue me, Willy. Please, please, oh pretty PLEASE make good on your threat and sue me, because that means I can look forward to the discovery phase of the lawsuit where I’m sure that all sorts of  juicy – and unbelievably incriminating – evidence against you would be uncovered.

As it is, I’m still waiting to hear from the Somerset County District Attorney regarding your previous threat made on August 3.

Today Hoyas broadcast the names, and personal information of the victims of said harassment and threats of violence on Hoyas’ own website. Law enforcement will be advised accordingly.

Did you ever contact “law enforcement?” If so, how long did they laugh before they hung up the phone?

Congratulations, Winklemeister: you’ve become a parody of yourself – the mediocre joke of a low-rent neighborhood whose incessant trodding keeps him just a half step ahead of exposure as…well… a low-rent, mediocre fraud.

In the meantime, I urge my readers to deluge State Senator Steve Oroho’s office with e-mails  and phone calls that include the link to this post and a single question: “Given all of the outrageous things Bill Winkler has written in the past few months, why is he still being paid by Sen. Oroho?” By all means, feel free to link Mr. Oroho to any and all of Winkler’s posts. I’m sure he’ll find them a fascinating read.

Here is the contact info:

Steve Oroho
24th Legislative District Office
115 Demarest Road, Suite 2B
Sparta, NJ 07871

E-mail here
Phone: 973-300-0200
Fax: 973-300-1744

This assumes, of course, that Oroho hasn’t already cut Wee Willy loose from the payroll.

Exit question: How long until Boss Lonegan realizes that the Winkster is more of a liability than an asset?

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7 Responses to A Challenge From Wee Willy…and An Answer

  1. truther says:

    Bravo Gene! Keep up the good work. Winklemeister Wee Willie Winki Dink keeps talking. But when will he realize that he just makes a bigger fool of himself on a daily basis.

    Gosh Gene, you may never run out of material!

  2. dloosend says:

    Holy Slander Bulldog, l see the weasal shining in the skies over Gotham City now……..

  3. TeaPartyDem says:

    Your best piece yet. Bravo!! Funny how the slandering bullies are the first to throw the lawsuit threat around.

  4. 1Prop says:

    You would think that Oroho would be smarter than to hitch is future to such an incompetent fraud!

  5. Kenny says:

    Bull dog – I know several prominent liberal attorneys who would work pro-bono to help you with your law suit should you be served a complaint from your nemesis.

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      Not to worry, my friend: it was a hollow threat warbled by a waning mediocrity who can’t reconcile himself to the fact that I have more talent in my little finger than he has in his whole icky body.

      There will be no lawsuit…only another humiliation for Wee Willy Winky whose blogging options, it appears, are decreasing rapidly.

  6. Kenny says:

    Looks like Wee Willy is on his horse again – attacking this time – Mr. Falzon. Has Willy no shame?